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Martin's our mobile services guru. His phone's always got the latest beta version of any application and he's happiest when tinkering with the settings in some obscure program.

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CCS Insight
LG introduces KizON, a gadget keeping kids connected to their parents. But are such wearables cute or creepy?
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Shaun Collins
Used @google Cardboard for first time. Now know what everyone is getting for Christmas. Handmade of course.
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Ben Wood
Track your kids with @LG KizON - another #wearable for children. via @SamuelGibbs
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Martin Garner
RT @benwood: Interesting @Qualcomm pushing 4K on mobile so hard. Something @CCSInsight foresaw at predictions event in Nov 2013…
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Geoff Blaber
Qualcomm sign deal with SMIC for 28nm wafer production. Ramping for China growth and reducing reliance on TSMC.
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Arnaud Gagneux
#VMWIA great event. very insightful, right technologies at the right time in the right place.
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Paolo Pescatore
FIFA #WorldCup 2nd screen app has generated >10m downloads & 24m unique users have watched 15m hours of content @FIFAWorldCup @FIFAcom
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Kester Mann
A combined Sprint/T-Mobile would have a revenue share of approx 26%, still some way behind Verizon/AT&T
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Jasdeep Badyal
@MichaelRennett you have to connect the iPhone to your computer. On iTunes, turn on Genius (from the Store tab). Should work!
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George Jijiashvili
Cortana has correctly predicted 14 out of 14 #WorldCup2014 match outcomes. Great boost for @Microsoft and @Bing
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