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Back in July I created a Wordle from our RSS feed and looked at how the words in our blog postings reflected our coverage of the mobile industry.

I've done the exercise again, with our more recent blog posts. The result is shown below.

Word cloud of CCS Insight blog

Nokia still features quite heavily in our posts. As the world's leading phone manufacturer, it's bound to gain a certain amount of coverage — we could hardly fail to write about a firm that sells 10 phones every second. But Nokia's growing services business means we'll see more posts about how it's tackling the shift in focus to a new area.

Software, content and software stores also feature strongly in the Wordle, reflecting the new battleground for manufacturers and retailers. Apple (which is strangely quite small in the Wordle) has proved that the aftermarket for phones is as important as the devices themselves. Whether other players can duplicate its success remains to be seen.

I'd like to single the word "people" out, too. The mobile industry is often guilty of focussing on technology and hardware, forgetting that it's people who buy the products and services. The iPhone and the BBC iPlayer have shown that giving people what they want, in an easy-to-understand package, is the first step in creating a successful product.

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Posted By Robert Caunt On January 30th, 2009

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