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An Industry in So Many Words

Last weekend, I went to Open Tech 2008. I saw Bill Thomson snapping away in a couple of sessions, and I remembered I hadn't visited his Web site for a while.
Surfing to his site after the weekend, I encountered a Wordle. If you haven't seen them before, Wordles are graphical representations of written items word pictures, if you like. They show how many t... Read more

Posted By Robert Caunt on 14 July 2008

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CCS Insight
Android One phones go on sale in India http://t.co/7ZuQ7hAdQG
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Shaun Collins
RT @CCSInsight: Our Director of Apps and Media @paolopescatore is at #IBC2014. Check out his feed for the latest updates and analysis.
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Martin Garner
RT @CCSInsight: Our SVP, Internet, @martin_garner tries out the Piper home security and automation device http://t.co/us08m4bjyy
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Geoff Blaber
RT @benwood: Google to unleash Android on emerging markets - features quotes by @CCSInsight's @geoffblaber http://t.co/CQREyAtDrl http://t.…
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Arnaud Gagneux
#Phones4U closure, ask @kestermann for his expert view and analysis on the matter @CCSInsight
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Paolo Pescatore
Worth checking out @Netgem, fusion of linear, OTT & multicast IP replicated across all screens #IBC2014 #IBCShow http://t.co/DxHhPH2DP2
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Kester Mann
RT @paolopescatore: Significant @NetflixFR has partnered with @bouyguestelecom for its Sept 15 launch. Good tie-up for both companies #IBC2
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Jasdeep Badyal
RT @benwood: Exploded camera lens graphics standard part of any flagship launch these days. Nokia pioneered it - how times change http://t.…
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