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An Industry in So Many Words

Last weekend, I went to Open Tech 2008. I saw Bill Thomson snapping away in a couple of sessions, and I remembered I hadn't visited his Web site for a while.
Surfing to his site after the weekend, I encountered a Wordle. If you haven't seen them before, Wordles are graphical representations of written items word pictures, if you like. They show how many t... Read more

Posted By Robert Caunt on 14 July 2008

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CCS Insight
There's a lot that's new about Lenovo lately http://t.co/1bLkcQDWQH
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Shaun Collins
RT @kestermann: Published earlier by @CCSInsight - 1Q15 review of mobile operators in Europe. 42 slides of analysis and >80 charts http://t…
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Ben Wood
What to learn more about Google / GoPro deal. Looks like FT's @tim got an extensive briefing! http://t.co/zF3pONnVQz http://t.co/qTslyr0rI2
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Martin Garner
#io15 Google Weave + Brillo: further and unwelcome tech fragmentation in IoT, but it's now a game of developer support and marketing budgets
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Geoff Blaber
Weave - yet another communications layer to connect devices. Where does this leave AllJoyn, OIC etc? More fragmentation..
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Nicholas McQuire
#io15 sadly had little on enterprise despite @GoogleforWork gains this yr. Brillo & some M feats aside, expected more esp on Glass & appdev
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Arnaud Gagneux
RT @HP: Redesigned with you in mind. The colorful NEW HP Pavilion notebook: http://t.co/MnaGqRZqWy http://t.co/GfQt2Lbt1c
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Paolo Pescatore
Google claims that 17m Chromecast devices have been sold, 1.5bn cast button touches, 20k apps. And will offer HBO Now as well #io15
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Marina Koytcheva
RT @CCSInsight: New @CCSInsight forecast expects smartphone sales in Western markets to peak in 2017 http://t.co/DHqQss7wR8 http://t.co/3KY…
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Kester Mann
Published earlier by @CCSInsight - 1Q15 review of mobile operators in Europe. 42 slides of analysis and >80 charts http://t.co/GuzoW16k1l
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Jasdeep Badyal
RT @benwood: P8 smartphone ticks all boxes on design & performance but has mountain to climb to position Huawei as a premium brand http://t…
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George Jijiashvili
RT @benwood: Waiting for #GOOGLEIO15 webcast to begin. @CCSInsight's @geoffblaber attending in SF. Hoping for #AndroidWear news. http://t.c…
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Rebecca Morley
Thought-Provoking Reading Every Day http://t.co/sQMgu0SJZq
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