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An Industry in So Many Words

Last weekend, I went to Open Tech 2008. I saw Bill Thomson snapping away in a couple of sessions, and I remembered I hadn't visited his Web site for a while.
Surfing to his site after the weekend, I encountered a Wordle. If you haven't seen them before, Wordles are graphical representations of written items word pictures, if you like. They show how many t... Read more

Posted By Robert Caunt on 14 July 2008

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CCS Insight
Smartwatch makers team with auto brands for the car keys of the future http://t.co/6ElEqCCnCc
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Shaun Collins
Huge news. @BlackBerry acquires @good_technology. BlackBerry continues its re-invention as service not device maker. http://t.co/DWfOQPOakt
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Ben Wood
Currently a 2.5 hour wait if you want to be one of the first to try @Sony Morpheus. #dedicationtoVR ? http://t.co/bi2EpdOBzd
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Martin Garner
#ifa15 v impressed with @Huawei #MateS. Broke my rule never-change-phone-in-middle-of-a-trade-show and it's doing well. 46% battery at 7pm.
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Geoff Blaber
I'm no automotive expert but i'd bet there's a better way to update software than recalling 8,000 cars to the factory http://t.co/fDzCJAoPM9
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Nicholas McQuire
The big q on @good_technology @BlackBerry is integration. Blackberry took 2 years to integrate Ubitexx & now has much more to bolt together
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Paolo Pescatore
Validates @elementaltech tech & growing client base which includes Sky. AWS looking to work closely with broadcasters/pay TV & OTT providers
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Marina Koytcheva
Fitness trackers will remain the backbone of the wearables volume but where is the value? Check out our new forecast https://t.co/rXd2l3MvOW
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Kester Mann
Good growth of FttH in France, says @Arcep. Total of 4.7m homes reached, up 39% YoY. Of these, >60% have choice of at least 2 providers.
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Jasdeep Badyal
RT @benwood: Wiko focus on low cost devices at #IFA15 but no sign of new device with "glowing" case :( http://t.co/kKfd6KtfEl
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George Jijiashvili
Kodak licensee going after virtual reality market - (HD for casual & 4K for professional users) #ifa15 #wearables http://t.co/wRldAhRpuP
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Rebecca Morley
Worth a read.... https://t.co/YhaI0rwKJH
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