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You will have probably noticed the recently launched CCS Insight Hotline. One of the major advantages of the new Hotline is that we now offer a wide range of powerful RSS feeds.
So what is RSS?
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) lets you subscribe to receive updates using a valid RSS reader. Rather than having to regularly check the w... Read more

Posted By Tom Byrd on 9 February 2008

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CCS Insight
Meet Cubimorph: this shape-changing device could be the future of smartphones https://t.co/4Z9odhyBR8
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Shaun Collins
Intriguing. US carriers now using BOGOF promotions for iPhone, Samsung and others. https://t.co/7NhJu6vUrU https://t.co/7kGkGuZPBJ
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Ben Wood
RT @George_CCS: OnePlus gives away 30,000 Loop VR headsets ahead of its new smartphone launch event streamed in #VR. #wearables https://t.c…
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Martin Garner
#GoogleIO2016 Instant apps will drive use of Google accounts in other apps to remove login hassle. Anti-monopolists will have a field day.
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Geoff Blaber
RT @daithaigilbert: This #Variety cover about Marissa Mayer is something to behold https://t.co/yDsa3qlXfj
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Nicholas McQuire
Many private #EMEEU chats on #Intune & EMM migration. Android support, managed services + change mngmt & network gateways all big questions
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Paolo Pescatore
And now #Eurosport follows others into #VR #360video with an app dedicated to #RolandGarros #FrenchOpen https://t.co/wRQDhZJTUl
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Marina Koytcheva
VR/AR the largest value contributor to the £1bn+ wearables market in the UK in 2020. @CCSInsight's latest forecast: https://t.co/eM3fPihEW4
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Kester Mann
RT @CCSInsight: Smartphones subsidies are making a comeback, as AT&T and other US carriers push buy-one-get-one free offers. https://t.co/n…
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Jasdeep Badyal
RT @George_CCS: Huge promotion of https://t.co/6XQgAlBpag's Dial smartwatch in @ThreeUK stores. Shame it's bolted onto the display https://…
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George Jijiashvili
OnePlus gives away 30,000 Loop VR headsets ahead of its new smartphone launch event streamed in #VR. #wearables https://t.co/BcA9yozqz5
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Rebecca Morley
Apple's Bet on China's Uber https://t.co/ZWa00sYskk
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Katie Taylor
This is not Casualty – in real life CPR is brutal and usually fails https://t.co/InLSoxZxdL
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