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You will have probably noticed the recently launched CCS Insight Hotline. One of the major advantages of the new Hotline is that we now offer a wide range of powerful RSS feeds.
So what is RSS?
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Posted By Tom Byrd on 9 February 2008

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CCS Insight
The Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission orders smartphone makers to remove bloatware http://t.co/shTKlGdwJB
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Shaun Collins
RT @nickmcquire: Rare case of telco innovating commercially for customers w enterprise mobile apps> #EE's free trial of 16k biz apps https:…
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Ben Wood
4G hits new low price point via @EE £49 Rook. Android 5.1, Quad-core 1GHz MTK CPU, 5MP cam, 4” screen, 8GB, 1,500mAh http://t.co/6qfSGcyBqX
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Martin Garner
@Facebook starts testing 55% ad revenue share with video publishers for videos in new Suggested Videos feed: increases pressure on @YouTube
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Geoff Blaber
GoPro at Tour de France should deliver some ace footage. Another few years and we'll have 360 degree content for VR http://t.co/v63sIHcgnL h
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Nicholas McQuire
Rare case of telco innovating commercially for customers w enterprise mobile apps> #EE's free trial of 16k biz apps https://t.co/K3Cak1w0DL
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Arnaud Gagneux
New planes being quiet(er) is a myth, 4-engine giant planes very noisy when landing and taking off. https://t.co/8qzMXZlgBf
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Paolo Pescatore
@mobileworldlive @BBC @EE Good but it now needs broader support among telcos & broadcasters. Next opp is @rugbyworldcup @ITV @itvpresscentre
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Marina Koytcheva
AR/VR device market to top $4bn in 2018. Check out @CCSInsight's new forecast: http://t.co/TgWX9M8FNM http://t.co/S4h6J9j9Za
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Kester Mann
As telcos plot more M&A, is Brussels getting tougher on in-market consolidation? Read @CCSInsight’s latest Hotline: http://t.co/9sFiEtqiie
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George Jijiashvili
RT @benwood: Some big discounts on @Sony SmartWatch 3 in UK. At £120 it's a bargain if you want an Android Wear device. http://t.co/nBsX4Gg…
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Rebecca Morley
RT @katietails: @HuaweiDevice Thanks so much - this is fab! :)
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