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First Thoughts from Mobile World Congress (MWC)

After 48 hours of the show its possible to draw some early conclusions.
Undoubtedly devices still remain a huge draw people always love to look at the new gadgets. Highlights include new products from Samsung, LG, Nokia and Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericssons X1 Windows Mobile phone can be regarded as one of the biggest news items at the show. Not only ... Read more

Posted By Ben Wood on 13 February 2008

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CCS Insight
India's Micromax takes on Mi with Yu. Its $142 phone could dent Xiaomi while boosting CyanogenMod's profile http://t.co/HIv4heKkl1
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Shaun Collins
RT @benwood: BlackBerry QWERTY Evolution. Welcome to #BlackBerryClassic. Great product. Just like meeting an"old friend" again! http://t.co…
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Ben Wood
Good piece from @FT's @bydavidcrow. Perceptive analysis of keyboard on @BlackBerry Classic http://t.co/d9cOxQI9c4 http://t.co/FTFgS81gO8
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Martin Garner
@here maps - a good win with Baidu for maps outside China http://t.co/zqRVG0osWs
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Geoff Blaber
RT @puiwingtam: Apple halts online sales in Russia due to "extreme fluctuations" in ruble. Story coming via @timkhiggins @BloombergTech
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Nicholas McQuire
"I think 2015 is going to be disastrous for Google" says former Googler as mobile eats away https://t.co/AJaORrScNp
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Arnaud Gagneux
RT @MWC_Barcelona: Is it more dangerous to keep kids out of contact or not protect them at all? http://t.co/1sZZQxt20p http://t.co/QgkkOhQO…
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Marina Koytcheva
RT @CCSInsight: CCS Insight updates forecast: pressure builds on mobile phone makers as average price declines http://t.co/G0TJY71Tha http:…
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Kester Mann
Good timing for @Ofcom to announce new chief exec. Sharon White will hit the ground running following BT/EE announcement.
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Jasdeep Badyal
Great #Wearables show&tell by @George_CCS and @benwood of some of the products tracked by @CCSInsight #ccspredicts http://t.co/w9wWqaGpeC
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George Jijiashvili
Sony to take on Google Glass with SmartEyeglass [http://t.co/h6TApeekgO] #wearables #wearabletech http://t.co/Z6UCUy274Y
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Rebecca Morley
RT @benwood: Huge amount of interest in Wearables showcase at #ccspredicts. Occlus Rift, Gear VR, smartwatches, jewellery & more http://t.c…
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