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DDoS Attack Was Waiting to Happen

Last Friday, a so-called distributed denial of service attack caused Internet service disruptions in the US affecting many popular Web sites.

Hackers used connected devices such as home security cameras to launch the attack. The Internet of things has major security gaps.

Samsung Will Weather the Note7 Storm

Samsung has undoubtedly received a hit to its reputation with the recent Galaxy Note7 incident.

But with the right recovery strategy, its assets and resilience will help Samsung weather the current storm.

Deal between AT&T and Time Warner Is a Long-Term Play

AT&T's $85 billion bid for Time Warner is another sign that the telecom industry is preparing for connectivity commoditisation.

Combining the two companies will require a long regulatory approval process. But industry change is coming.

Qualcomm's Reference Design Enables Deep-Learning Video Cameras

This week in Hong Kong, Qualcomm and partner ThunderSoft introduced a reference design for advanced video cameras.

The kit will enable the creation of deep-learning, connected cameras that can analyse what they see without relying on cloud computing.

Chinese Firm Enters the US Smartphone Market without Carrier Support

At an event in San Francisco, LeEco unveiled an eclectic portfolio of products to kick-start its entry into the US market.

Of immediate interest are two smartphones. But there was no mention of carrier distribution. In the US, the open market is a tough game.

Insurance Companies Subsidise Wearables to Encourage Wellness

Like usage-based insurance, health insurers can now offer lower rates to customers who keep themselves fit.

Wearables that monitor a user's activity and vital signs are becoming a central tool here. It's a win-win situation for device makers.