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New Generation of Connected Shoes Will Boost Demand

Over the years, the wearables market has seen several failed attempts to introduce connected shoes to the mainstream.

Smart clothing is still far from gaining mass-market appeal, but there's a growing opportunity for makers of sports shoes.

Offer of Free LTE Looks Familiar

Sprint has unveiled a nearly implausible pricing strategy to port in customers: offering free unlimited voice, text and data for a year.

The move reminds us of Reliance Jio's approach in India, but the outcome is unlikely to be the same.

Industry Cooperation Will Be Crucial to Success

Despite recent advances, AR is still faced with significant obstacles, preventing it from gaining mass-market acceptance.

The last 10 years of mobile technology proved the value of partnerships and ecosystems, but the next decade will need a new level of collaboration.

New Entrant Kwese Seeks to Disrupt Broadcasting Market

The broadcasting industry in Africa is primed for change with the arrival of a disruptive new entrant.

Kwese could follow in the footsteps of other leading providers that have transformed the sector in other markets.

Start-Up to Challenge Industry by Specialising in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has significant barriers to entry, giving tech giants such as Google and IBM an advantage.

Nonetheless, Element AI believes there's a market for small, nimble companies that specialise in artificial intelligence.

Corning Aims to Speed Up 5G Deployments

Optical fibre cable has been in commercial use by the telecommunications industry for more than four decades.

Now, as we enter the age of 5G wireless communications, fibre is settling in to play a critical supporting role.