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Vodafone Malta Consolidation Creates Potential Duopoly

After recent mergers in the Netherlands and India, Vodafone has announced spinning off its Maltese business into a joint venture.

The move confirms its strategy of positioning itself as a multiplay provider, albeit without majority control of merged operations.

As Cars Become Computing Devices, Automakers Race to Adjust

Audi and Volvo will use the Android operating system in their vehicles as Google pushes its mobile platform far beyond phones.

In other auto news, Ford is replacing its CEO in an effort to adjust to a world of thinking machines.

Technology Development Set to Receive a Shot in the Arm

Since 1981, SoftBank has orchestrated many bold deals. But its goal of a $100 billion venture fund still raised eyebrows.

With huge funds at its disposal, the fund has the potential to speed technology development around the world.

E-Commerce Is Still a Minority of US Retail Sales

During the first quarter of 2017, US retail e-commerce sales hit over $98 billion, up almost 15 percent over 2016.

Traditional retailers will need to make hard decisions, countering online rivals with innovative on-site experiences and new efficiencies.

Digital Single Market Strategy to Go into Effect in 2018

A ban on mobile roaming charges for EU citizens from 15 June 2017 will lead to greater demand for cross-border portability.

This will change attitudes toward access to paid content, as people expect the same conditions outside their home country.

CSquared Project Builds Out Shared Fibre Networks

Google has been exploring programmes to provide Internet access to unconnected populations around the world.

The company and its partners are collaborating on a $100 million initiative to bring fast Internet to locations in Africa.