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Consumer Interest for VR Is Growing

CCS Insight's wearables analyst George Jijiashvili recently attended the EGX gaming show, where VR was the big story.

The show featured more VR games than ever before, as well as numerous demonstrations using the latest VR headsets.

The Next Generation of Wireless Sparks Frenzy

It happens like clockwork. Each new generation of wireless services starts with trials and media hype.

Now, for the fifth generation of cellular pre-standards, the numbers are flying fast and furious — 5G speeds from here to eternity.

Functional Safety Is the Chip's Key Selling Point

ARM has been eager to take a leading silicon role in the automotive market. Its new Cortex-R52 chip could help it reach its goal.

The new R52 processor is designed for demanding environments where safety is paramount.

Comcast's Wireless Success Will Depend on Price and Performance

Comcast has confirmed its intentions of offering wireless services in 2017 thus competing against AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

Wireless services will allow Comcast to extend its multiplay packages, but it will have to persuade subscribers to switch.

It's a Matter of Smart Urban Planning

Sensors such as beacons and computer vision are providing a big-data explosion, enabling municipalities to optimise services.

Urban Engines offers tools that sift through data, analysing and offering insights on how to design a better transportation system.

Operators Turn to the iPhone to Defend Their Territory

In saturated mobile markets, the iPhone 7 has become a defensive device used by operators to fight potential subscriber churn.

For Apple, intense competition among wireless operators has become an incredible windfall.