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Security Vulnerability Highlights a Flaw in the Standard's Creation

Krack, short for Key Reinstallation Attack, is major vulnerability in the WPA2 standard meant to secure Wi-Fi connections.

It works by targeting the four-way handshake that happens when a client joins a WPA2-protected Wi-Fi network.

Will There Be Demand for Razer's Gaming Smartphone?

Razer, which makes computers optimised for gaming, is widely expected to soon release an Android smartphone.

The device is likely to be powerful, but also expensive. Is there really a market for this type of product?

Aims to Enhance Android Experience on High-Tier Phones

Google is becoming far more direct in highlighting a competitive advantage with Android.

The company is keen to stress the benefits of gigabit LTE in a bid to reduce its reliance on Samsung in the high end of the smartphone market.

Acquires Strobe, a Lidar Technology Start-Up

General Motors, the largest automaker in the US, has bought Strobe, a start-up specialising in lidar technology.

Lidar allows vehicles to "see" in almost all lighting and weather conditions and at long ranges, making it vital to autonomous driving.

Upcoming Premier League Rights Auction Set to Spark Bidding War

The next auction for Premier League football rights could see Internet players enter the fray.

As the cost of watching sports content is set to continue rising, consumer frustration could reach a tipping point.

Alphabet Balloons to Offer Emergency Cellular Service in Puerto Rico

Launched in 2013 as a Google X research and development programme, Project Loon typified the unit's focus on long-term bets.

Now, it's expected to deploy a fleet of 30 balloons to temporarily restore service to all areas of hurricane-struck Puerto Rico.