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Strategy Addresses Ethics and Human Aspects of Artificial Intelligence

At an event in London, Microsoft made a series of announcements about its efforts in artificial intelligence.

We analyse these developments and discuss how the technology is becoming a pillar of the company's overall strategy.

Bluetooth SIG Announces Mesh Networking

Bluetooth has been a point-to-point connectivity solution, but now it could help create a larger network of connected things.

As a rising number of routers support mesh for better Wi-Fi coverage, Bluetooth will ride this wave into the home and beyond.

Citymapper Trials Its Smart Bus in London

Citymapper recently tested its smart bus service, which it hopes will help improve mobility in cities.

The company is aiming to transform the bus for the smart city era, by making it more efficient and responsive.

Folds Its Russian Interests into Yandex.Taxi

The two companies' ride-hailing services get folded into the established brand Yandex.Taxi.

The deal puts an end to the expensive battle between the two, which has dragged out over the past three years.

The A8 Is a Self-Driving Vehicle, Under the Right Conditions

Audi says its new A8 is the first production car in the world to have been developed for highly automated driving.

The manufacturer is working with Nvidia on self-driving technology and plans to develop "mind-off" autonomous vehicles by 2020.

Etisalat Woes Could Take Mobile Market Back to 2001

Despite having nearly 160 million connections, the mobile industry in Nigeria could shrink back to three operators.

Fourth operator Etisalat has struggled to remain profitable, creating uncertainty over the future of the market.