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Android One Could Be Coming to the US

After a disappointing reception in developing markets, Google's Android One is expected to launch in the US.

Can a platform intended to enable the market for standardised low-cost smartphones make it in the US?

Can Artificial Intelligence Disrupt the Healthcare Market?

Forward, a San Francisco healthcare start-up, aims to use artificial intelligence to change the patient experience.

It's a sci-fi vision. Can artificial intelligence really change the classic doctor's visit?

First Self-Driving Shuttle on US Public Roads Trialled for 10 Days

An autonomous shuttle made by French company Navya began services on public roads in Las Vegas as part of a pilot programme.

We expect to see a growing number of similar trials, many of which become permanent solutions.

Mobile Industry Eyes Andy Rubin Activities with Interest

Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, has founded a new company that aims to disrupt the market he helped create.

There's no doubting the pedigree here, but it will take something magical to leave a mark.

TimeSync Broadens Wi-Fi's Potential

The Wi-Fi Alliance's new TimeSync specification enables precise coordination between networked devices.

By combining other Wi-Fi Alliance technologies, TimeSync is expected to bring enhanced capabilities to Wi-Fi.

Will There Ever Be a Third Mobile Platform?

Cyanogen has announced that it has shut down its services and will no longer maintain the Cyanogen operating system.

Its demise reminds us of failed attempts to break into the mobile platform market. It'll take a major trend to disrupt the two-horse race.