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New Nokia-Branded Smartphone Marks Milestone for HMD Global

HMD Global has launched a high-end smartphone carrying the iconic Nokia brand. It's a brave step in a fierce market.

But will simultaneous front-and-back video streaming and surround sound recording be enough to stake out its place?

New Method Enables Battery Charging in Seconds

The technology behind Zap&Go is carbon-ion, and uses carbon nanomaterials including the "wonder material" graphene.

Ultrafast charging technologies could increase the convenience and ubiquity of electric vehicles.

The Rise of the Mobile Financial Services Provider

In many markets, your mobile network operator is also your bank and your payment service provider.

The model's worked well in Africa and South Asia, as services likes M-Pesa have shown. Can operators in other regions follow suit?

T-Mobile's Revvl Phone Offers "Value for Your Money"

The US carrier has unveiled its long-rumoured, own-branded budget smartphone called Revvl.

Revvl is an unremarkable device, but, at $125, it could attract more people to smartphones and T-Mobile's unlimited plan.

Develops Highly-Accurate Lidar for Self-Driving Vehicles

Israeli company Oryx Vision is developing solid-state depth-vision solutions for autonomous vehicles.

The company promises "nano-antenna" sensors, which it claims perform 50 times better and cost much less than existing technologies.

Studio Can No Longer Ignore the Streaming Opportunity

The company announced that it will launch an ESPN-branded streaming service in 2018 and a Disney-branded service in 2019.

Its content will no longer be available on Netflix and the move will start a trend among other content owners.