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The Payment Service Taps into Chinese Overseas Travellers

Alipay is the leading payment service provider in China with more than 450 million users.

As an increasing number of Chinese residents holiday in Europe, Alipay hopes to tap into tourist spending.

Lenovo Turns Away from Smartwatches

Lenovo says it has no plans to make new Motorola-branded smartwatches, freeing up resources to concentrate on its core businesses.

This underlines the current apathy toward full-touch smartwatches with only Apple bucking the trend.

The Automotive Chipset Space Heats Up

MediaTek chipsets are widely used in smartphones and home entertainment devices.

Now the company plans to address the fragmentation of in-car solutions, which are littered with an array of processors for different uses.

Cyber Monday 2016 Was the Biggest Day in US E-Commerce History

US consumers spent a record $3.45 billion online this past Cyber Monday, up 12 percent over 2015.

Mobile devices are become increasingly important, as a source of information or to complete the entire transaction.

Entrepreneurs on a Mission to Reboot Finland

Slush has morphed into a giant show attended by 17,500 people, 2,300 start-ups and 1,100 venture capitalists.

The annual Helsinki-region start-up event highlighted the series of bets Finland is making in a wide range of areas.

Announcements at Its Annual Forum Seek to Build on Momentum

Huawei's recent Mobile Broadband Forum event highlighted some of the company's advances in wireless technologies.

We take a brief look at four announcements from the show: WTTx 2.0, X Labs, CloudAir and LampSite 3.0.