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Dubai's Plan to Launch a Flying Taxi Fleet Is Certainly Intriguing

As Amazon and Alphabet continue their quests to get delivery drones off the ground, some in Dubai must judge that as passé.

In Dubai, they envision a fleet of people-carrying drones replacing four-wheeled taxis.

AT&T Readies Category M LTE Launch in US and Mexico

Category M, part of the LTE family of standards, is intended for low-power, low-cost ways to connect "things".

AT&T is readying a commercial launch of its LTE-M network, expanding the market for connected things.

Patronize Current-Day Seniors at Your Own Risk

We've reached an age when there's a high level of comfort with technology, among the old and the young.

The market for senior-specific products was always a slowly closing window of opportunity.

Rethinking Mobile Data Plans in the Era of Gigabit LTE

The distinction between fixed and mobile broadband in terms of throughput is shifting in favour of mobile.

Data plans must support and complement the available bandwidth to help foster new applications and uses.

CCS Insight Looks Forward to Barcelona

The mobile industry's annual showcase takes place at the end of February. We predict the event's major themes.

On the agenda will be gigabit LTE, artificial intelligence, smart cities, new Nokia phones, 360-degree cameras and more.

The Streets Come Alive in Kansas City

Kansas City's $15 million smart city initiative is up and running, bringing tangible results to citizens.

The project uses sensors to collect real-time data, providing live and historical information about the movement of people and things.