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Verizon to Buy Miles of Fibre for Fixed-Line Services

The carrier is buying fibre to be deployed in its fixed-line services, but this is also a crucial part of its transition to 5G.

Verizon has ambitious plans to move data across fibre to small cell sites and then beaming to millions of rooftops.

Reveals Its New Mi 6 Flagship Phone

This week Xiaomi unveiled its latest flagship handset, the Mi 6 — a 5.15-inch device that follows the previous-generation Mi 5 phone of the same size.

There is no "Plus" variant for now, suggesting that Xiaomi is satisfied with the design of its 2016 flagship phone.

Will Users Take to Facebook's New Dual Realities?

At its F8 developer conference, Facebook showcased a platform to use augmented reality and a service enabling people to meet in virtual worlds.

These developments aren't unprecedented, but given Facebook's user total, will be an important test for augmented and virtual reality.

Netflix Talks to Telkom to Re-Enter Indonesia

Netflix, with 99 million subscribers, is about to reach a milestone of 100 million.

Now, amid slowing growth and greater local competition, the company is looking to international markets for big numbers.

Can a Fingertip Really Secure Your Smartphone?

Researchers have found that smartphones can be fooled by fake fingerprints digitally composed of common features found in human prints.

Some devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, also have an iris scanner, which tends to be harder to trick.

Londoners Get to Test Harry, a Driverless Shuttle Bus

Over the next two weeks, 100 Londoners will get a chance to hop on board a driverless shuttle in Greenwich.

London joins other cities in the world in offering test rides on autonomous shuttles to the public.