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User Survey: Enterprise Mobility Strategy

This survey covers enterprise mobility strategy decisions. It is conducted twice a year, and sets out to explore purchasing trends, user preferences, security, app strategies, managed services and enterprise transformation.

User Survey: Mobility for Work

This survey provides in-depth primary insight into mobility for work from the perspective of employees. It sets out to examine the themes of device preferences, attitudes to the bring-your-own-device trend, app usage, privacy concerns, awareness of mobile policies and IT decision-making within organisations.

Instant Insights

Our Instant Insights service lets clients stay abreast of developments in the online services world. Focusing on company results and planned events as well as unscheduled developments, the service provides readers with a brief summary of the event and concise analysis from our global team of experts. Read more...


The CCS Insight Hotline analyses key industry trends and events on a weekly basis. It draws on the extensive knowledge and experience of the CCS Insight research team. Reports examine significant strategic actions by device manufacturers, mobile network operators and other associated players in the mobile and wireless value chain. These include companies such as Internet players entering the mobile space as well as content and service providers delivering solutions for mobile users. Read more...

Text Alert Service

CCS Insight's unique Text Alert Service helps our clients keep one step ahead of the competition. The service provides news stories — and our analysis of those events — moments after they happen, delivered as a text message directly to your phone. Read more...

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CCS Insight
Yahoo hack means Verizon may have some rethinking to do: https://t.co/bq95RO3vHn
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Shaun Collins
RT @benwood: 57% of European Samsung Note 7's now exchanged. 90% chose new Note 7, 3% chose alternative Samsung phone. Open mkt sales resta…
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Ben Wood
RT @charlesarthur: Probably the most important story of the week, month, or quarter for its implications for tech - and media reliant on it…
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Martin Garner
@twitter puts itself up for sale: https://t.co/z8FKhuuNZd
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Geoff Blaber
RT @benwood: Mobile Phone market has peaked. Pressure building for smaller phone makers as component shortages bite. https://t.co/JdMXkKXvG…
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Nicholas McQuire
Security Graph & Adallom's arrival into EMS must now force more alignment across EMM, threat protect, CASB, IDaaS & Analytic firms #MSIgnite
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Paolo Pescatore
Time is money, we need to make decisions quickly says @GOettingerEU. We can do better in Europe but need investments #FTETNO @FTLiveDigital
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Marina Koytcheva
Something to think about. UK economy can't claim big exposure to tech. Political events from last month don't help https://t.co/ctO3y9zQvT
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Kester Mann
RT @benwood: Telegraph reports Telefonica lining up @O2 for a £10 billion IPO. Little surprise after Three UK deal fell through. https://t.…
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George Jijiashvili
Few of my highlights from last week's #EGX gaming expo. VR once again a huge story as the consumer interest grows [… https://t.co/q0ROtoLpkz
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Rebecca Morley
@PPPAcademy is this for all parents?
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Katie Taylor
A future of mobile-centric healthcare could save lives https://t.co/x1phTH7f4v
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