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CCS Insight provides its subscription research products to over 450 end users at BT, via the CCS Insight Connect platform. In addition, the information is...
Vodafone required support to its strategic planning. CCS Insight provided a review and feedback on its business strategy by validating identified opportunities...
For 15 years CCS Insight has supported Samsung across its European business helping all levels and departments in a coordinated manner facilitated by its...

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Broadcom Cements European Credentials for Data and Cloud Sovereignty

Data sovereignty is about the legal ability to control how data can be shared and used. Sounds simple, but how it’s applied can vary significantly. What does it mean from…

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MWC Shanghai Puts a Spotlight on 5G-Advanced Innovation

Mobile network generations evolve enormously over time. There isn’t a single 5G standard, but now with the arrival of 5G-Advanced we’re up to four major 5G versions. Announcements and examples…

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ZTE’s Full-Stack and Green Computing Solutions Drive AI Advancement at MWC Shanghai

AI was one of the major topics at MWC Shanghai, which took place last week with CCS Insight in attendance. Among the eye-catching announcements in this area, we saw ZTE…

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