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CCS Insight's survey of over 2,000 consumers in France and the UK reveals shifting patterns in the way people buy mobile devices and subscriptions.

As buyers become more savvy, they are learning the "crack the code" and understand the real value of their smartphones.

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Each concise briefing contains pithy analysis of current events. Stories are taken from a variety of topics, such as artificial intelligence, 5G, the Internet of things, smart cities, the smart home, virtual reality, disruptive Internet players and autonomous cars.

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CCS Insight
India tightens the rules for online retail giants such as Amazon and Flipkart, a move that other markets may be wat…
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Shaun Collins
RT @kestermann: Samsung support centre within @EE store offers device repairs for any customer, regardless of network. Good ploy to encoura…
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Ben Wood
RT @nickmcquire: We predicted #IBM would lead the race in #QuantumComputing last year & IBM Q System One is a big step in this direction. W…
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Martin Garner
Very useful briefing just now from brett Francis @AWS on the #IoT announcements from @AWSreInvent . Good to see how…
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Geoff Blaber
The tide is running firmly against Huawei. The alleged stealing of trade secrets by individuals in a T-Mobile lab s…
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Marina Koytcheva
Highlghts from @CCSInsight latest survey of mobile phone users in Western Europe
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Nicholas McQuire
We predicted #IBM would lead the race in #QuantumComputing last year & IBM Q System One is a big step in this direc…
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Kester Mann
Veon's story reflects the challenges many operators face as they seek to drive new revenue in the face of flatlinin…
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Angela Ashenden
.@googlecloud announces first @gsuite price increases for 10 years. Affects Basic Edition (now $6 per user/month) a…
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George Jijiashvili
RT @benwood: Another CCS Insight #CES2019 report published for clients - this time focused on #Wearables. Companies featured include @Fossi
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Katie Taylor
The lifesaving food 90% aren’t eating enough of: how more fibre could prevent disease-related deaths
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