Research Team

Our team of analysts creates and presents hard-hitting research and insight

Nicholas McQuire

Chief of Research, Enterprise

Nick has over 18 years’ experience in enterprise technology advisory services. He was formerly managing director of the Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance, a vice president at IDC and strategy executive at BT Global Services. Nick leads our enterprise research, focussing on cloud computing, machine learning, developer trends and digital workplace strategies. Often quoted in the media, he is a regular speaker at major industry events, and was named among the top five global technology analysts of 2019 and 2020 by the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations. Nick has been listed as one of the top social media influencers in artificial intelligence.

Marina Koytcheva

Vice President, Forecasting

Marina has an extensive background in market analysis and forecasting. Before joining CCS Insight in 2012 to develop our wide-ranging forecast portfolio and methodology, she was part of Nokia’s global strategic intelligence team, building market forecasts for consumer mobile and Internet services. Prior to that, she delivered market and competitive intelligence to Nokia’s mobile phones business at a time when Nokia was the global market leader. In addition to more than 10 years in technology, Marina has experience from a variety of industries and markets. She holds an MSc in finance, and an MBA.

Wayne Lam

Senior Director, Research, Americas

Wayne has over 12 years’ experience covering mobile devices, wireless technology and associated supply chains. With a career spanning two “G” transitions (from 3G to 4G, and 4G to 5G), he is a leading industry voice in cellular technologies, the evolution of the mobile phone and changing user behavior. Wayne joined CCS Insight after starting with smartphone pioneers such as Symbian and progressing to market intelligence firms including iSuppli. He has written multiple white papers on cellular technology and is a frequent contributor to media such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times, Washington Post and Bloomberg.

Kester Mann

Director, Consumer and Connectivity

Kester has more than 15 years’ experience in the mobile industry and curates our research into consumer and connectivity services. He is an informed commentator on network operator strategy, European markets, telecom mergers and acquisitions, 5G networks and regulation. He is frequently quoted in industry publications and national media. Kester joined CCS Insight in 2010 from Nokia, where he held the position of market analyst. He was previously a senior research analyst with Informa Telecoms and Media.

Bola Rotibi

Research Director, Software Development

Bola has over 25 years of expertise spanning engineering, software development and IT analysis. She is the founder of Creative Intellect Consulting, and has worked at MWD Advisors and Ovum. Bola is a Chartered Engineer and has industry experience of application development and network computing in several sectors. She has worked as a senior software developer for Reuters and a chemical and process control engineer for Air Products. As an analyst, Bola has built a wide portfolio of product evaluations, strategy reports and competitive analysis reports. She is regularly sought to provide input into and drive supplier and product selection processes.

Richard Webb

Director, Network Infrastructure

Richard has over 20 years’ experience in market analysis and research, specializing in telecom networks. He started his career researching telecom trends for a business conference company before moving into an analyst role, firstly with Infonetics Research and more recently with IHS Markit and Omdia, where he was Associate Director of Research for Mobile Networks. Richard leads our research into 5G infrastructure, from the radio access network to the transport network. He has presented and moderated panels at a range of industry events, acted as judge on awards panels, and is widely quoted in technology and mainstream media.

Wing Lam

Director, Teardown and Cost Benchmarking

Wing joined CCS Insight as part of the cost benchmarking service expansion. He worked at iSuppli (later acquired by IHS Markit) for 15 years as part of the company’s well-known teardown pricing services for electronic devices. He was instrumental in establishing and growing the Asia-Pacific teams at IHS Markit, as well as providing technical and pricing analyses on devices spanning the consumer, industrial, automotive and medical sectors.

Angela Ashenden

Principal Analyst, Workplace Transformation

Angela has 20 years’ experience as an industry analyst for enterprise software, advising clients about technologies to support collaboration, innovation, knowledge-sharing and employee engagement within an organization. Before joining CCS Insight she held roles at MWD Advisors and Ovum. Angela is a highly accomplished writer and public speaker, contributing to publications including CIO UK, CMSWire, AIIM, Computerworld, InformationWeek, TechTarget, Fast Company and CIO WaterCooler.

Leo Gebbie

Principal Analyst, Connected Devices

Leo‘s research focuses on wearables, virtual reality and augmented reality, and other connected devices. Prior to joining CCS Insight, he worked in BT’s Global Services division in analyst and consultant relations, and previously worked with Huawei on a work experience programme based in Shenzhen. Leo is especially interested in technology related to health and fitness and is a keen runner in his spare time. He holds a BA in Geography from the University of Oxford.

Parul Saxena

Senior Analyst, Data and Consumer Research

    Parul is an analyst with experience in business intelligence reporting, market research, sales operations and pipeline analytics. She has worked with multiple businesses in several industries, including Innovid, IBM, Datamonitor and WNS. In her previous roles she provided practical, decision-making data, involving the creation of standard metrics, analysing trends and offering data-driven insights.

    Isabel Towell

    Analyst, Wearables

    Issy graduated from Cambridge University in 2020 with a degree in management studies. She joined CCS Insight as part of our graduate training programme, and is now responsible for our research into wearable devices.

    Jeremy Green


    Jeremy has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 30 years. He has spent most of this time as an analyst, but he also worked as head of market planning at mobile satellite services company ICO, leading a team responsible for market research, forecasting, and competitor analysis. Jeremy also represented ICO within the GSMA, where he was instrumental in establishing the Satellite Interest Group.

    Maria Bell


    Maria has over 10 years’ leadership expertise within clinical and biopharmaceutical research. With a BSc in psychology and previous experience as a business analyst in the financial sector, she has a strong attention to detail and a sharp analytical mind. In 2018, Maria set up her own business as a freelance research analyst and regularly provides analysis and review for software development companies.

    Clive Howard


    Clive is a technology consultant and entrepreneur. He started his career as a developer in digital agencies before founding his own consultancy in 2002. More recently, he has delivered programmes to improve user experiences and so enhance business effectiveness and customer engagement. His clients range from start-ups to global brands in a variety of sectors. He has a passion for innovation and technology that provides sustainable benefits for businesses and their customers.

    Cornelia Wels‑Maug


    Cornelia has 20 years’ experience researching the use of IT in selected industries. Since 2008, she has specialised in the international healthcare market, including telehealth and remote patient monitoring, big data, analytics, gamification, connected care and digital therapies. In 2014, Cornelia set up her own business as a freelance healthcare analyst and journalist and regularly contributes to trade journals such as HIMSS Insights, 42 and European Hospital.


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