CCS Insight Becomes New GSA Research Partner

A natural fit for both organizations

CCS Insight is delighted to have won the competitive tender to become its new research partner of the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), running its GAMBoD database and supplying research reports for the rapidly-expanding set of GSA members.

CCS Insight has a flourishing advisory practice in network infrastructure, providing two research services. Our Mobile Infrastructure service tracks the market, including its trends, for mobile networks — an area that’s starting to experience significant potential for disruption. With the advent of 5G the network is becoming increasingly software-defined, behaving much more like a set of cloud services. The traditional boundaries for who operates what in the network are starting to be redrawn, and many new players are moving into the market.

Our Enterprise Mobile service examines the various technologies shaping the ways in which enterprises use mobile services. One example is white-collar staff using IT as working patterns and practices change. Another growing area is the use of mobile technology in the operations of the business, with huge interest currently in network slicing and private networks.

CCS Insight is also creating a research practice of data-driven services in multiple technology markets, built on large-scale data collection. The GSA database and research are now part of this group.

After winning the tender, CCS Insight’s first priority has been continuity, ensuring that the quality and consistency of the data and reports are maintained throughout the transition. Our second priority is to start adding value from the breadth of our existing research.

The GSA’s research offering will use CCS Insight’s dedicated teams focussed on research, data tracking and forecasting, as well as our team of industry experts. Our areas of expertise span consumer devices, enterprise use of technology, telecoms operators and networks, as well as semiconductors in several technology markets. So there are good opportunities to extend the GSA’s research in areas including private networks, the Internet of things, automotive, smart cities and location services.

The GSA adapts its research to trends, developments and changes in the market, collecting new data as required and attracting new users from multiple fields. Some of the relevant technology areas also have their own supplier associations that could benefit from the GSA’s database and research if suitable data is collected.

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