Podcast: Golden Rules for Multicloud Delivery

New episode of our podcast offers lessons for success

The shift to the cloud was well underway even before the pandemic, but the events of the past couple of years have only made this move more urgent. In fact, the massive and overnight migration to working from home has made cloud technologies essential to business operations in many cases.

Our Senior Leadership IT Investment Survey, 2021 shows that 45% of business IT workloads now live in the cloud, up from 38% in 2020. Over the next 12 months, that proportion is predicted to rise to 64%. This goes hand in hand with a distinct rise in multicloud support, with 55% of businesses having more than one cloud provider, up from 46% in 2020 and 22% in 2019. Tellingly, 10% of businesses in the survey are using no less than four public cloud providers.

But what are some of the main opportunities and challenges of putting cloud to work, and in particular, multiple clouds?

For CCS Insight’s latest podcast episode, I recently talked to executives from VMware about their experience and lessons they’ve learnt in this area. I was joined by Betty Junod, senior director of multicloud solutions marketing at VMware, and Mark Leake, the company’s director of product marketing. Clive Howard, chief technology officer at Huozhi, a provider of a humanitarian fintech platform, and associate analyst with CCS Insight, also joined the podcast discussion.

Our discussion touched on important considerations for businesses grappling with the choice of cloud solutions. We looked at how companies can avoid being burdened by complexity and productivity drains as they embark on multicloud management and support.

The podcast also offers listeners strategic and tactical guidance about topics including:

  • Choosing the right cloud for different teams and business units, and getting the most value for business goals
  • Common traps when managing a multicloud environment, and tactics to avoid them, such as with abstraction, service catalogues and tooling
  • Opportunities with multicloud operations, including benefits of using edge computing, the role that artificial intelligence will play in dealing with complexity and automation, and the importance of a cloud-native culture

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