Podcast: Industrial Edge Computing: Strategies That Scale

Edge computing is quickly becoming known for its ability to improve business operations by reducing latency, delivering high performance and providing real-time insights. But despite its promise, many businesses — especially in the industrial space — struggle to successfully adopt edge computing.

One challenge is that industrial edge computing can be complex to scale. Although it’s relatively easy to get started with a few edge devices, managing a large-scale edge computing infrastructure can be daunting. Additionally, the lack of a single edge computing standard can make it difficult to integrate edge devices and applications from different suppliers.

To overcome these challenges, businesses need to take a strategic approach to edge computing adoption. This includes carefully planning their edge computing architecture, selecting the right edge devices and applications and implementing a robust management and orchestration framework.

I recently talked to Christina Cardoza, Editorial Director at insight.tech, alongside Dan Rodriguez, Vice President and General Manager of the Network and Edge Solutions Group at Intel, about the edge computing landscape. We discussed the state of edge computing across different environments, how businesses can successfully approach edge computing, key challenges and how to solve them, and what the future holds for edge computing in this space.

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The podcast touches on topics including:

  • Different edge opportunities for businesses
  • Why adoption is more challenging for manufacturers
  • How to successfully approach edge computing
  • Lessons learned from industry examples
  • The edge computing ecosystem and partnerships
  • Future-proofing investments and efforts.

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This podcast was originally published on insight.tech.