Podcast: Top IoT and Edge AI Predictions for 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing are taking the Internet of things (IoT) to the next level, with new and exciting applications expected over the next year and beyond. But as the rapid pace of advancements and investments unfolds, it raises the question: are we accelerating too fast?

We recently talked to Christina Cardoza, Editorial Director at insight.tech, about our top IoT and edge AI predictions for 2024. We also navigate the responsible development of solutions and explore the impact AI is set to make in the coming years.

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The discussion touches on topics including:

  • The impact of edge AI on the IoT market
  • Cloud computing versus edge computing
  • The future of AI development and generative AI realities
  • Business considerations for AI investments, including regulation
  • Developing AI with privacy in mind
  • The role of 5G.

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This podcast was originally published on insight.tech.