Predictions Event Highlights: Interview with Patrick Chomet, Samsung

As part of CCS Insight’s Predictions for 2023 and Beyond event I talked to Patrick Chomet, executive vice president of the Mobile eXperience unit at Samsung Electronics. We touched on the numerous areas the company is working on to deliver ever-better products with ever-greater synergy. There was also discussion of important societal issues such as the environment and health.

Samsung has long committed to building an ecosystem of products, and its SmartThings platform has emerged as the central point that gives users control of their devices. It spans devices including domestic appliances, televisions, smartphones, tablets, PCs and wearables.

This interrelation reinforces consumer engagement by offering a more connected experience on devices, promoting loyalty to the Samsung brand. A good example of this is the work that Samsung has done with Google and Microsoft to enhance Samsung’s entire range of smartphones — most notably on its foldable products and latest Galaxy Watches. The combination of a smartphone and smartwatch is a good example of giving users a richer experience, particularly in areas such as well-being.

In conversation, Patrick described health as the next big thing on mobile devices; Samsung has the expectation that health and wellness will emerge as a cornerstone of connected devices in a similar way to how Internet access and cameras are now taken for granted on smartphones.

The company’s journey started with an initial focus on casual fitness tracking, such as steps taken, before progressing to deeper health monitoring, management and prediction. New capabilities such as blood pressure, ECG measurement and detailed sleep and body composition are playing an important role in evolving this capability.

A Foldable Future

Another area where Samsung has been investing heavily is in its range of foldable smartphones. Samsung has been innovating in this area for more than a decade and has emerged as the market-maker for the product category with its two designs: the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold.

The Z Flip is a more fashion-centric product that Samsung describes as a “game-changer in self-expression.” The device has clearly resonated with consumers, who like the compact design and features such as FlexCam — the ability to stand the phone up to take video calls and selfies.

The focus of the Z Fold is on productivity, providing a device that blends a traditional smartphone with a mini tablet. But as Patrick and I discussed, Samsung knows its excellence in hardware engineering must be matched by great software in order to deliver innovative, high-quality devices. The company has enhanced the software and UX on its foldable devices to make the most of using such a flexible device.

Digital Leadership

Samsung is acutely aware that there’s no room for complacency in the highly competitive consumer electronics arena. We expect it to continue to innovate, maintaining its leading position. Additionally, we believe Samsung is well-positioned to tackle the evolving digital world, both for digital communities and the digital individual.

I hope you enjoy our discussion, and would like to thank Patrick for his insightful and open views. You can watch the full interview below.