The Next 10 Years of Tech: Place Your Bets Now

Our podcast discusses the next decade in software development and delivery

As we embark on a new decade, one thing is certain: technology will not stand still, and businesses of 2030 will operate differently from those of today.

Regardless of whether you believe we are entering a new era of software or industrial revolution, it is operational adaptability and flexibility, business product innovation and relevance that will determine which companies survive. There are many reasons why organizations adopt particular technologies, but which ones will stand the test of time? How will this affect the teams charged with delivering these technologies? Will they still be doing the same types of job, or will they have to morph into something altogether different? What technologies, software languages and roles will offer the winning combinations?

No organization, no matter the industry — manufacturing, financial services, healthcare and retail, to name a few — should be under any illusion about the change coming their way and the transformation needed to stay in the game. What is built over the coming years must depend on how an organization sees the future shaping.

In a podcast discussing the next 10 years of technology, Bola Rotibi, Research Director for Software Development at CCS Insight, talks to Rod Cope, CTO at Perforce Software. Rod has over 25 years’ industry experience in a career that has included roles at IBM, IBM Global Services, General Electric, Anthem and Ericsson. He was also the founder and CTO of OpenLogic, and CTO of Rogue Wave following its acquisition of OpenLogic.

Both industry experts bring in-depth knowledge and insights into software development trends, covering topics such as API management and security, agile methodologies and digital transformation. The podcast looks at what’s in store for application development and delivery teams responsible for enabling and supporting the transformational strategies, visions and goals of their organizations and clients.

Additionally, listeners will gain insights into:

  • Where we are now in the tech landscape from the perspectives of hardware, software, software development and delivery strategies.
  • What issues, challenges and opportunities we take to the next decade.
  • Our key predictions most likely to appear in next 10 years.
  • Tech innovation and adoption advice for organizations and individuals looking to succeed in the next decade.
  • The major tech moves in the DevOps evolution.