Toward More Intelligent, Sustainable Connected Futures

Yesterday, we gave you a teaser of the opening day of Predictions for 2024 and Beyond, which kicks off next week (see Predicting Trends in the Consumer Market). This is an event packed with insight and which you don’t want to miss — registration is still open, so be sure to sign up here.

For the second day of the event, we’ll be taking a close look at three key areas where we see technology delivering some of the most meaningful change: intelligence, connectivity and sustainability.

With artificial intelligence (AI) developing at a dizzying pace, it’s no surprise that it’s been one of the biggest themes in our research over the past year, and we’ve got plenty of predictions about the shape of things to come. Day Two will start with our analysts in the hot seat as they discuss AI regulation and developments in the consumer and enterprise markets in a session called The Great AI Debate — unmissable viewing for anyone wishing to understand the implications of this crucial and fast-changing landscape.

We’ve also been really excited by the rise of the second-hand device market, which we’ve been tracking very closely. As the cost-of-living crisis and sustainability concerns push more and more people to buy used gadgets and get devices repaired, our research highlights a tipping point in the evolution of the circular economy, and we’ll be presenting fresh data from our Connected Consumer Radar and market-tracking tool Pulse.I’ll be joined by Parul Saxena and Jordan Cox in a presentation setting out what all this means for hardware brands like Apple and Samsung, as well as players throughout the supply chain.

In fact, we’re delighted to be joined by Samsung’s Annika Bizon, Marketing and Omnichannel Director, for a fascinating interview with Ben Wood. They’ll be talking about connected devices and the company’s position as a leader in consumer electronics, particularly, foldable phones. It’s been about four years since it introduced its first foldable, but many people are still hesitant to switch from their monobloc. Annika will offer insight into the firm’s approach to getting consumers to engage with new and unfamiliar devices and share her perspective on Samsung’s ecosystem of products.

But the future of connected experiences isn’t just about which devices we use. Advances in the underlying networks are a fundamental part, and here too there’s change on the horizon. Satellite-based networks are taking their first steps toward becoming a viable option for connecting the last of the unconnected. And although it’s very early days for this trend, we’ve got market stats and predictions that show its potential. Jordan Cox, Kester Mann and Luke Pearce will shed light on the companies developing uses for satellite-to-mobile services and driving this market forward.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with CCS Insight’s Predictions event, it’s worth highlighting that this will be our 18th set of predictions. During that time, we’ve seen many come true — and, inevitably, some that didn’t hit the mark. So, we’re wrapping up the second day with a session in which Ben and our CEO Geoff Blaber look back on some of our past predictions and examine how they fared.

I hope you join us for Day Two of our Predictions event on 11 October to learn about how these crucial areas will unfold in the coming years. We can’t wait to share our vision with you and hear your own thoughts and expectations for the future of the digital world.

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