What Makes People Click

ClickTale’s Software Reveals Every Detail of Online Activity

ClickTale is a conversion rate optimization tool that provides customers with analytics that show highly detailed information on how visitors use their Web sites. While the likes of Google Analytics can determine which pages a visitor clicked on and how long they stayed on the page, they are silent about what they did on the page. ClickTale’s software can follow users’ mouse movements or finger movements across a mobile device screen and provide details of how they interact with a page. Its customers are able to create visual heat maps as well as behavioural reports.

The company’s customers include Adobe, CNN, Lenovo, MetLife, The North Face, Walmart and UBS. Its services show how far visitors have scrolled down a page and suggest how to optimise the layout of a page and the whole site. Few visitors realise their browsing habits are being tracked to such specific levels.

Yesterday, ClickTale announced the acquisition of FlightRecorder, a firm that takes conversion rate optimization down to the app level. Its software development kits enable mobile app developers to create the same level of analytical detail in iOS and Android apps. ClickTale had been using the products under a white-label agreement for several years.

ClickTale has said it will showcase a new mobile tool, called ClickTale for Apps, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. This will include features such as user session replays, crash reports, data insights, mobile analytics and heat maps. Crash reports provide the exact location of the crash, as well as the ability to examine the activity that led to the crash.

In our view, the acquisition is a strategic move for ClickTale, particularly given the timing right before Mobile World Congress. Its new assets will let ClickTale track customer behaviour across desktops, tablets and mobile devices, potentially giving its customers greater insights into how people use their devices.

There will of course be privacy concerns, which ClickTale, as well as app publishers, platform owners, manufacturers and operators will have to address, especially as consumers learn every last click and scroll is being tracked.