Open Season

Will Red Hat Acquisition Bring IBM into the Open Source and Cloud Era?
Last Sunday, IBM announced that it's acquiring open-source software company Red Hat for $33 billion. The transaction is IBM's largest acquisition to date and one of the largest software acquisitions on record. Read more

Posted By Nicholas McQuire on 2 November 2018

Direct Hit

AT&T's Weak DirecTV Numbers Bring Entertainment Strategy into Question
Last week, AT&T reported its results for the third quarter of 2018. The numbers were mixed, with the wireless business generally delivering a better-than-expected performance. Read more

Posted By Raghu Gopal on 1 November 2018

One for All

OnePlus Seeks to Break into the US with Carrier Support
On Monday, at an event in New York City, OnePlus, a five-year-old smartphone maker from China, announced the availability of the OnePlus 6T phone in the US exclusively through T-Mobile. Read more

Posted By Ben Wood on 31 October 2018

Moto Maker

Motorola Partners with iFixit for DIY Repair Kits
Last week, Motorola became the first major smartphone manufacturer to supply official components to customers, allowing them to repair or update their devices. Read more

Posted By Raghu Gopal on 30 October 2018

5G and the Data-Driven Economy

Connectivity Is One of a Potent Quartet of Technologies
I recently delivered the opening keynote at CCS Insight's annual predictions event in London, where we hosted several hundred guests from across the technology industry. Read more

Posted By Geoff Blaber on 29 October 2018
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