CCS Insight BT case study


CCS Insight provides its subscription research products to over 450 end users at BT, via the CCS Insight Connect platform. In addition, the information is served directly to BT’s internal information platform and managed by the BT Market Intelligence function for company-wide use. 

Users sit across multiple functions including Product Management, Marketing, Strategy as well as the Market Intelligence team themselves. 

The information helps these teams monitor the competitive landscape, track key strategic markets, stay informed of key themes from industry events and to stay on top of consumer attitudes and purchase intentions. 

The research is supplemented with analyst enquiry access and presentations which are primarily used to support BT’s CEO’s and their leadership teams. 

CCS Insight has become well-established and built its credibility with the team at BT through the long-standing delivery of information products and advisory services on all aspects of the technology market. 

CCS Insight was asked to take on three additional elements of custom research via its consulting capability.

Marc Allera, CEO of BT Consumer, joined Ben Wood as a guest speaker at the CCS Insight Predictions event in October 2020. The interview enabled BT to get a number of messages out to the audience on the day. He stressed the contribution that BT had made throughout the pandemic, improving connections to healthcare centres, accelerating 5G roll out and maintaining high quality connectivity despite dramatically shifting traffic patterns. He also used the CCS Insight platform to signal that BT wanted smartphone manufacturers to offer BT a $150 5G smartphone as early as possible in 2021 in a bid to accelerate the uptake of 5G in the UK.

The audience profile for this type of messaging was ideal for this, indeed the topics of the conversation have been referenced many times since in the media and within BT. 

BT used the interview internally, posting it on its intranet. It also invited Ben Wood and Shaun Collins to address the top 850 leaders within BT at its prestigious Leadership Live event. BT subsequently asked to use the interview via its social media channels.   

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