Second-Hand Device Market Sees Robust Growth amid Global Economic Recovery

  • New data from CCS Insight reveals resilience in the second-hand mobile device market, with 46.8 million units being sold in the fourth quarter of 2023 despite lingering constraints in device trade-in channels.
  • The market for used devices is outshining that for brand-new devices, growing by 2.9% year-on-year compared with a 4.4% decline in shipments of new mobile devices.
  • Second-hand smartwatches have seen a significant jump in consumer interest, witnessing a 5.6% growth in sales since 4Q22. Smartphones continue to dominate the market.
  • The market is poised for further growth, but persistent concerns with trade-in channels meeting robust demand may continue to prove challenging.

London, 18 March 2024: In an impressive show of resilience, the second-hand mobile device market sold 46.8 million units in the fourth quarter of 2023, according to the latest research by tech analyst firm CCS Insight. The figure marks a 2.9% increase year-on-year — excluding peer-to-peer transactions and sales from independent phone shops. The average selling price of second-hand devices fell 8% from 4Q22 to $304 per unit. This price adjustment reflects a normalization from the all-time high prices seen in 2022, caused by supply constraints and low trade-in volumes.

The fourth quarter of 2023 also highlighted the second-hand market’s continuous outperformance of the market for new mobile devices, recording a growth of 2.9% compared with a 4.4% decline in sales of new mobile devices. This trend underscores the robust demand in the second-hand market, buoyed by a global increase in spending power and consumer interest in sustainable purchasing options.

The regional landscape in 4Q23 revealed crucial market shifts as the global economy begins to enter a recovery phase. North America was the only region to see a decline in sales, dropping 3.3%. Asia–Pacific and Europe experienced growth rates of 4.1% and 4.0% respectively, and Latin America saw a notable 7.4% increase in sales.

The market also saw shifts in preferences for device quality. Grade B devices remained dominant, accounting for 65% of the market, despite sales in the category witnessing a decline of 4.1% from 4Q22. However, shipments of Grade A devices surged by 19.6%, indicating a shift toward higher-quality devices in the second-hand market.

Smartphones remain the most-popular device to purchase second-hand, comprising 81% of the total market. However, smartwatches exhibited the highest growth rate at 5.6%, highlighting diversification in consumer demand and underscoring the evolutionary nature of the market.

The retail channel, encompassing marketplaces and online and physical retailers, represented over two-thirds of sales of second-hand devices in 4Q23. Manufacturer and operator channels saw growth of 1.6%, driven by increased market shares of network operators and direct sales from device-makers such as Apple.

The secondary market is poised for continued growth but faces several challenges, including supply constraints and regulatory hurdles. In a glimmer of optimism, 76.6 million units were traded-in in 4Q23, growing by 5.9% year-on-year. However, the availability of second-hand mobile devices remains limited in the face of robust demand from consumer and enterprise markets, with trade-in programmes yet to significantly impact supply. Furthermore, the market is navigating tightening EU regulations on imports and concentration around iOS devices, which adds complexity to market dynamics.

The second-hand mobile device market remains a vital component of the broader tech ecosystem, reflecting a shift toward more-sustainable and cost-effective consumer choices. With strategic adjustments and collaborative efforts across the industry, the market is well-positioned to overcome these challenges and continue its trajectory of growth.

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