Our customers

Our successful partnerships.

Companies – including some of the Fortune 500 technology firms – come to CCS Insight for timely, accurate, actionable understanding and unique comprehension of industry complexity, citing this as the primary enabler of their commercial success.

We serve roles throughout our clients’ organisations, including:

CxO, strategy and innovation

We assess the competitive landscape and market dynamics, with surveys delivering user and decision-maker sentiment analysis to explore attitudes, intentions and burgeoning industry trends. CCS Insight can also provide strategic analyst advisory and go-to-market guidance.

Market intelligence

Get in-depth, strategic analysis of competitor performance and strategy, industry events, breaking news, landscape dynamics, market forecasts and user sentiment. You will be fully supported by bespoke intelligence briefings and ad hoc analyst advice.

Product management

Gain clarity on buyer behaviours, attitudes and intentions with detailed surveys, explore competitor products with device teardowns and cost benchmarking, or work with us for tailored research to inform your product development and positioning strategies.

Analyst relations, PR and communications

Get blogs, white papers, webinars and executive interviews designed specifically for PR use. Our expertise makes us ideally placed to guide your strategy with intelligence briefings and message testing.

Marketing and sales

Supercharge your digital marketing with custom blogs, white papers, webinars and executive interviews. We work closely with you to enable proposition development, messaging and product positioning, and empower sales execution by identifying competitive bid win themes. CCS Insight can also educate your commercial teams on important market dynamics.