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Standalone 5G Specifications Approved by 3GPP

Last week, a new 5G milestone was reached when 3GPP announced the approval of the specification for standalone operation of 5G.

Non-standalone specifications were ratified in 2017, but with this new development 5G can really fly solo.

Its New Technology Could Allow Retailers to Build Checkout-Free Stores

Microsoft is in talks with major retailers including Walmart about its new point-of-sale technology.

Its system is transferable to different retail environments, which could make the software giant a major player in retail innovation.

Airbus Employs Robots to Speed Up Its Production Rate

Robots are really starting to mingle with production workers, bringing specialised skills to the workforce.

Airbus is adding two dexterous robots to its production line to help it manufacture 60 aircraft a month.

Accurate Pricing of Second-Hand Devices Is Key to Leasing

New CCS Insight research tracks the fall in second-hand smartphone prices, and analyses the differences between leading models.

Understanding price declines and the dynamics of the second-hand market are essential elements of any leasing or trade-in scheme.

The Initiative Offers a Realistic Approach to Data Sharing

The operator announced its new Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, the first commercial implementation of a service compliant with the International Data Spaces Association specification.

In our view, the move is a sensible strategy for building momentum in the market.

Operator Shows Off Its Technical Prowess at French Open

The telecom operator used the recent French Open tennis tournament to present its vision of the future of sports and communications.

We went behind the scenes at the Grand Slam event to learn how Orange is putting innovation at the heart of the event.