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Is the Tiny Palm Phone the Start of a Big Trend?

The Palm brand has returned in a new incarnation — a diminutive Android smartphone intended to be used as a secondary device.

With smartphone adoption reaching near maximum in many markets, can operators convince people to add a second line?

Can Cities Really Get This Smart?

The car-maker demonstrated vehicle-to-vehicle communication on the streets of Milton Keynes in the UK.

It has an intriguing vision for the smart city in which traffic is determined by an algorithm with autonomous cars floating among each other.

Adds New Mate 20 Series Devices to Its Arsenal

At an event in London today, Huawei announced new products that pile further pressure onto rival smartphone makers.

The Chinese giant's latest phones are a clear sign of its bold aims and will concern other leading players.

A Week of Digital Detox

Using a feature phone is the perfect way to escape the intensity of life smartphone.

But CCS Insight's Ben Wood finds that despite his best efforts, the experiment merely confirmed his dependency on a smartphone.

Wireless Operators Look to Data for Growth

India's cellular industry has shown impressive growth during the past five years, from nearly 500 million unique users to 750 million.

But given low average revenue per user, subscriber numbers have become a less relevant metric to judge the market.

Did Google Sprinkle Enough Magic on Its New Products?

On Tuesday, Google unveiled new and updated products that further entrench it into the smartphone and smart home arenas.

Although all its wares and energies still revolve around its core business, Google is building impressive gateways to its services.