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Unveils 5G Device Road Map at Its Analyst Summit

CCS Insight recently attended Huawei's Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen, where the phone-maker highlighted bold ambitions in 5G.

Although Huawei plans to launch 5G-ready smartphones in 2019, significant momentum for the technology is unlikely to start until at least 2021.

Chinese Phone-Maker Removed from US Smartphone Gene Pool

ZTE has been hit by US sanctions that will ban it from the country and hinder its ability to supply hardware to customers.

Unlike Huawei, ZTE had a significant reach in the US smartphone market. The move will also affect operators and component suppliers.

Microsoft's Azure Sphere: a Security System for an IoT World

In a rush to create a world of billions of connected things, security has often taken a back seat to time-to-market or cost pressures.

Now Microsoft has launched a security system to help protect against the biggest threats aimed at connected and network edge devices.

Latest Shareholder Letter Offers Rare Glimpse into Amazon Performance

The online giant has recently released its letter to shareholders, providing impressive statistics about its business.

Among the highlights is the company's disclosure that it has reached 100 million Amazon Prime customers.

Netflix Is Changing Content Consumption Almost Everywhere

Netflix added almost 2 million US subscribers during 1Q18, and about 5.5 million subscribers from outside the US.

The firm has changed the content industry, making it very difficult for traditional media companies to catch up.

Flipkart Uses Artificial Intelligence to Set the Record Straight

Postal addresses in India are neither consistent nor do they accurately reflect a location. This is a big problem for e-commerce firms.

Now Flipkart is using an artificial intelligence system developed in-house to identify Indian addresses with a 98 percent accuracy rate.