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Researchers Say Extended Exposure Could Accelerate Blindness

A study by the University of Toledo in Ohio reveals that blue light from device screens could be far more dangerous than previously thought.

The findings raise questions about the long-term effects of extended smartphone and tablet usage.

Start-Up Launches Its Wireless Internet Service across the US

From its beta launch in Boston in 2016, Starry is deploying a fixed-wireless broadband network based on millimetre wave across the US.

It has announced a pilot project with the Boston Housing Authority to bring free or low-cost Internet to public housing residents.

Ride-Hailing Company Looks for a Gateway to Europe

Ola, the ride-hailing start-up from Bangalore, covers more than 110 cities in India and launched services in Australia earlier in 2018.

Its recently announced expansion into the UK is part of a broader strategy of going public.

NEC to Bring Facial Recognition to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan will be the first to use facial recognition technology to strengthen security at venues and create more convenience.

This will be an intense test of the roll-out of biometrics for security, as over 300,000 athletes and staff will use the system.

Amazon Announces Alexa Auto Software Development Kit

Amazon has established its voice-activated artificial assistant engine Alexa as the market leader in homes.

The next obvious domain for Amazon to conquer is the car. The company's new software development kit for vehicles hopes to do just that.

Google Launches Android 9 with Control to Limit Screen Time

This week Google released the commercial version of its latest major Android build, dubbed Pie, to its Pixel smartphones.

Like Apple, Google highlighted its platform's ability to track and control their digital habits.