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The Covid-19 pandemic has instigated a rapid move to remote working, calling for workforce automation and online collaboration. Fault lines have been exposed within the IT estates and strategies of organisations looking to swiftly transition to new modes of operation.

The advent of technologies such as cloud, mobile, artificial intelligence and software-defined solutions have long presented the need to digitally transform. Such technologies — together with the pervasiveness of communication networks and Internet-enabled connected products — have unlocked new forms of engagement with employees, customers and partners. But what was a multi-year intention for many firms has become an imperative to be achieved in months.

The pressure to fast-track the transition amplifies the potential for “knee-jerk” decisions that could constrain long-term operations, introduce unwarranted risks, limit opportunities and deliver diminished returns. But what proven steps can organisations take to maximise their ability to adapt and grow when circumstances change rapidly? Bola Rotibi and IBM’s Simon Greig explored the essential attributes for sustainable, modern IT operations.

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