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CCS Insight Predictions for 2024 and Beyond

Tuesday 10 October — Thursday 12 October

Save the date — Predictions is back!

Predictions for 2024 and Beyond is a free online event in which our industry-leading analysts present their thought-provoking predictions for the future of the connected world.

This year, we’re pushing boundaries and challenging conventional-thinking to provide a fresh perspective on our areas of expertise.


Over the course of three days, our predictions will delve into the potential ways that future technology could benefit various aspects of life, such as work, play and inclusivity. We’ll explore how these changes could enrich our society and create thrilling new user experiences.

This year’s Predictions event kicks off by exploring a new era of personalized experiences for digital consumers. We scope out opportunities from advances in smart home, connected devices, virtual and augmented reality, examining how new digital environments will change the role technology plays in people’s daily lives and well-being. 

The second day of Predictions tackles the rise of artificial intelligence as our analysts present and debate its growing role in society. We also focus on the rapid growth of the second-hand device market, driven by the global environmental agenda, and the arrival of satellite-based mobile communications to support 5G services. 

The final day of the event delves into the powerful combination of innovations such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtualization, private mobile networks and more. As these trends increasingly come together, we look at how they will transform industries, enterprises and workplaces and create opportunities for partnerships and new ecosystems.

Register now to watch all the live broadcasts and receive a free PDF copy of last year’s Predictions booklet. We’ll also keep you up to date with the latest event news, including further details, themes and early predictions.

Register below to watch all the sessions and keep up to date with the latest event news.

You’ll also receive a free PDF copy of last year’s predictions.

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