Private Mobile Networks

Driven by the spiralling needs for data, security, digitization and enterprise mobility of business and government entities, private mobile networks are a rapidly growing segment.

Organizations in all sectors are combining connected systems with big data and analytics to transform operations, increase automation and efficiency or deliver new services. Private mobile networks enable these transformations to take place even in the most dynamic, remote or highly secure environments, as well as offering the scale benefits of a technology that has already been deployed worldwide.

At CCS Insight, our research into private mobile networks provides quarterly updates to measure a rapidly evolving market and clarify its complexities. Backed by sharp analysis from our team of experts, we present real-world data on a range of market performance indicators to provide forecasts and help you optimize your organizational strategies.

Highlighted Research

Our private mobile networks research provides quarterly updates on real-world data, pinpointing market drivers and barriers, main players, business models, technology trends and industry metrics.

Download this free report summary to get a glimpse into our latest research from December 2022.

More Highlighted Research Areas

The theme of MWC 2023 is velocity – unleashing tomorrow’s technology, today. To provide insight into fast-changing innovation landscapes, we’ll also be showcasing the following research areas:

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