Second-Hand Smartphones

As many as 1.3 billion phones reached their first end of life in 2022. Almost half have been thrown out or remain in drawers, but more and more are being traded-in, sold online or to small, independent shops and then resold on the second-hand market. A portion of those will be refurbished and sold “as new”, with prices close to brand-new devices and competing head-on with new smartphones.

The supply, processing, refurbishment and resale activities of the organized secondary segment make up a rapidly maturing smartphone circular economy. With second-hand sales now outpacing those of new devices and sustainability becoming a hot-button issue, big smartphone companies are now focussing in on this industry.

CCS Insight’s research on second-hand smartphones provides detailed analysis based on real-world data showing the size and scale of the market, as well as the main players, business models and strategies that will shape its future. Updated quarterly, we deliver a granular insight into the latest trends across the smartphone circular economy, enabling you to adjust your strategy in line with market realities.

Highlighted Research

Our research on the market for second-hand smartphones is updated quarterly and presents visual reports of raw data. This is complemented by analysis from CCS Insight’s research team to offer an explanation of trends and changes.

Download this report summary for a glimpse into some of the high-level trends between 2021 and 2022.

More Highlighted Research Areas

The theme of MWC 2023 is velocity – unleashing tomorrow’s technology, today. To provide insight into fast-changing innovation landscapes, we’ll also be showcasing the following research areas:

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