Market Forecast: 5G Subscriptions

UK and worldwide forecasts for 5G mobile connections

  • Long-term forecasts (up to 2025)
  • Use-case evolution
  • Splits by main uses
  • Worldwide and UK-specific
  • Excel and PowerPoint reports
  • Updated twice a year

Our Market Forecast: 5G, Worldwide reports provide a long-term projection of connections to 5G mobile services. This currently covers four use cases: mobile broadband, fixed-wireless access, Internet of Things and machine-to-machine, and mission-critical connectivity.

The report discusses our expectations about the evolution of the 5G technology: when each of the main uses will launch on 5G, in which markets and when critical scale will be built up.

Clear links are made to the expectations for growth of 5G-enabled smartphones, and the report compares the expected growth of 5G to the historic growth of 4G uptake.

This global forecast covers North America, China, Western Europe, the developed markets of south-east Asia–Pacific, and the rest of the world.

Our Market Forecast: 5G, UK reports provide the same long-term outlook, but specifically for the UK market.

Each forecast is delivered in Excel with supporting presentation material discussing our long-term vision for the technology, the main assumptions, the market developments that have led to any significant changes of the assumptions and subsequently the forecast, key findings and conclusions, and major risks to the forecast.

These forecasts are revised and published twice per year, although disruptive changes in the market may prompt additional updates.

For a shortened sample PDF of the Market Forecast: 5G Subscriptions, Worldwide, October 2017 report, please click here.

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