Connected Home

Comprehensive coverage of the connected home and smart speakers

A service offering exclusive analysis of key connected home devices and players, user surveys, analysis of key industry events and shows, instant and more in-depth insights and analysis of key industry developments, analysis of tipping points for market growth and thought pieces about the future of this young market.

We extensively test a wide range of connected home products and deliver a unique, in-depth perspective on the market, paying particular attention to the AI-based assistants like Alexa, Cortana, Google and Siri that enable them, and the role of these in the future of the connected home.

For an example of our connected home research (in this case our Instant Insight: Amazon Updates Alexa Devices report), please click here.

User Survey: Connected Home

A survey of users and potential users of connected home devices, including smart home speakers. It sets out to explore consumers' attitudes, usage, expectations and purchase behaviour with connected home products. Read more...

Instant Insights

Our Instant Insights service lets clients stay abreast of developments in the mobile world. Focusing on company results and planned events as well as unscheduled developments, the service provides subscribers with a brief summary of the event and concise analysis from our global team of experts. Read more...


The CCS Insight Hotline analyses key industry trends and events on a regular basis. It draws on the extensive knowledge and experience of the CCS Insight research team. Read more...