74% of employees from large organisations object to being forced to install software on a personal device for work purposes

The survey found that new technology trends are shaping the workplace with WhatsApp, artificial intelligence, trust and Microsoft as biggest influencers

24 October 2018: Today, global analyst firm, CCS Insight, revealed its latest workplace technology survey which found 60% of respondents are worried artificial intelligence will "take their jobs".

The survey examined 672 employees across US and Western Europe, looking at their attitudes to digital technology, including artificial intelligence and smart assistants, security, privacy and trust, enterprise mobility and devices, usage of business-related applications, and technology brand affinities. A few highlights from the survey include:

  • According to 30% of respondents, WhatsApp is now the most widely used mobile business app, pushing ahead of Microsoft Office 365 (29%). The advent of features such as conference and video calling, and the launch of WhatsApp Business in early 2018, which allows small business owners to communicate with customers, are likely to have reinforced the trend.
  • Employees are ready to embrace digital assistants, with almost half of respondents expecting them to be widespread in the workplace within 12 months and Google is taking an early lead with Google Assistant. That being said, a third of respondents said a fear of job losses would be a barrier to adoption backed-up by 60% revealing they are worried AI will take their jobs.
  • The survey revealed Microsoft as the brand that employees trust to protect their data with 45% of responses, followed by Google which is the clear leader among the millennial generation. Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, more than half of employees surveyed said their trust in Facebook has declined in the past 12 months.
  • Two-thirds of respondents said they are generally unconcerned about their privacy at work because they trust their employer. However, any attempts by their employer to increase security or monitoring can expect to meet strong resistance, with 74% of employees in large organisations objecting to being forced to install software on a personal device for work purposes.
  • Employees surveyed identified poor connectivity (44%) as their top frustration with the digital workplace. Restrictive compliance processes and confusion about when to use each tool cause headaches for over a quarter of all respondents.

Nick McQuire, Vice President of Enterprise Research at CCS Insight said, "The employee survey once again highlights what a fascinating space the digital workplace is. It reveals important changes occurring, as well as new trends that will unfold in the coming years."

Most-Used Mobile Apps at Work

Notes to editors

CCS Insight is a leading provider of technology research. This forecast is part of a broader suite of research on the digital workplace.

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