FierceWireless: Cellular-enabled smartwatches almost nonexistent at MWC—but carriers remain hopeful

Published: 28 February 2018

Source: FierceWireless

CCS Insight was mentioned in this article about wearables.

"Indeed, not many significant new smartwatches at this MWC," wrote George Jijiashvili, a senior analyst for wearables at research firm CCS Insight. "Major phone makers stepping away due to low volumes."

No major company announced any new smartwatch products here during Mobile World Congress. And, as noted by Jijiashvili, LG didn't even show off smartwatches in its booth.

CCS estimated that around 1 million cellular-enabled smartwatches were sold in North America last year. That figure is partly due to Apple’s entry into the cellular-enabled smartwatch market late last year with its Apple Watch Series 3. CCS estimated that a quarter of all of the Apple Watches that Apple sold globally in the final three months of 2017 were cellular-enabled variants.

But, according to CCS, China represents the primary market for cellular-enabled smartwatches. The firm said that, of the 26.5 million cellular-enabled smartwatches sold in 2017, 25 million of them were sold in China, mainly to parents looking for a way to stay connected to their children.

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