Geoff Blaber


Geoff was appointed CEO in early 2021, after establishing and leading our successful Americas business from the California office. He has 20 years’ experience in the technology sector, including seven years in Silicon Valley. He contributes to our research in several areas, including macro technology trends, mobility and semiconductors. A well-known member of the analyst community, he provides regular commentary to leading news organizations such as Reuters, the Financial Times and The Economist.

Shaun Collins

Executive Chairman

Shaun founded CCS Insight in 1993, and he and his team have built the business into one of the world’s best analyst houses. Earlier in his career, Shaun was European account director for Motorola when it led the European market, and he has held senior roles in digital markets in the UK, Europe and the US. Shaun was recently appointed Chair of Judges for the GSMA’s GLOMO awards until 2021. He has also been a judge for the KPMG Mobile Start-Up of the Year awards in the UK. He can regularly be seen interviewing and moderating discussions with global technology leaders and CEOs, and is often quoted in the media.

Ben Wood CCS Insight

Ben Wood

Chief Analyst and CMO

Ben has over 25 years’ experience in the mobile sector. As Chief Analyst he oversees our research and leads initiatives such as our annual Predictions event. As CMO, he focusses on building brand awareness and supporting the growth of the business. He has held positions at Gartner, Mobile Streams, Lucent Technologies, and Vodafone, where he was involved in the launch of SMS and cellular data. In 2021 he was ranked as one of the top five tech analysts in the US and Europe by Apollo Research. Ben is the founder and co-curator of the Mobile Phone Museum, a non-profit initiative to safeguard a vast collection of phones and support education about the technology.

Martin Garner

Chief Operating Officer

Martin holds a BSc in electrical and electronic engineering from the University of Bristol and an MBA from City University in London. He was at Ovum for 17 years, where he built up the mobile practice, was director of research and established the Wireless Intelligence joint venture with the GSMA. At CCS Insight, Martin is chief operating officer and leads research into the Internet of things and machine-to-machine connectivity.

Michael Walker

Non-Executive Director

Michael is an entrepreneur with considerable experience of leading acquisitions, company restructuring and start-ups in the wireless, telecom and electronics industries, including IPOs in the UK and Hong Kong. He has experience in all major world markets, particularly Europe, India and the Asia-Pacific region. He was managing director of Bush Radio and vice president of Champion Technology Holdings, a global telecommunications company, where he was responsible for 51 countries. Michael also has extensive experience of the leisure and entertainment industries.

Bola Rotibi

Chief of Enterprise Research

Bola has over 25 years of expertise spanning engineering, software development and IT analysis. She is the founder of Creative Intellect Consulting, and has worked at MWD Advisors and Ovum. Bola is a Chartered Engineer and has industry experience of application development and network computing in several sectors. She has worked as a senior software developer for Reuters and a chemical and process control engineer for Air Products. As an analyst, Bola has built a wide portfolio of product evaluations, strategy reports and competitive analysis reports. She is regularly sought to provide input into and drive supplier and product selection processes.

Marina Koytcheva

Vice President, Forecasting

Marina has an extensive background in market analysis and forecasting. Before joining CCS Insight in 2012 to develop our wide-ranging forecast portfolio and methodology, she was part of Nokia’s global strategic intelligence team, building market forecasts for consumer mobile and Internet services. Prior to that, she delivered market and competitive intelligence to Nokia’s mobile phones business at a time when Nokia was the global market leader. In addition to more than 10 years in technology, Marina has experience from a variety of industries and markets. She holds an MSc in finance, and an MBA.

Simon Bryant

Vice President, Channel and Supply Chain

Simon leads CCS Insight’s device supply chain and channel research, having joined from Futuresource Consulting, where he led the company’s research team as Director of Research. Simon has successfully delivered many large custom and continuous research programmes to technology firms during his 20-plus years in the industry. Additionally, he has expertise in several consumer electronics and media markets. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management from Lancaster University.

Wayne Lam

Senior Director, Semiconductors

Wayne has over 12 years’ experience covering mobile devices, wireless technology and associated supply chains. With a career spanning two “G” transitions (from 3G to 4G, and 4G to 5G), he is a leading industry voice in cellular technologies, the evolution of the mobile phone and changing user behavior. Wayne joined CCS Insight after starting with smartphone pioneers such as Symbian and progressing to market intelligence firms including iSuppli. He has written multiple white papers on cellular technology and is a frequent contributor to media such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times, Washington Post and Bloomberg.

Kester Mann

Director, Consumer and Connectivity

Kester has more than 15 years’ experience in the mobile industry and curates our research into consumer and connectivity services. He is an informed commentator on network operator strategy, European markets, telecom mergers and acquisitions, 5G networks and regulation. He is frequently quoted in industry publications and national media. Kester joined CCS Insight in 2010 from Nokia, where he held the position of market analyst. He was previously a senior research analyst with Informa Telecoms and Media.

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