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CCS Insight offers unrivalled expertise in the following technology fields.

Connected Consumer Radar

Regular research into consumer attitudes and buying behaviours related to connected devices.

Developer Trends

Key shifts in software development and delivery, with a focus on systems and application technologies.

Enterprise Mobile

Fresh perspectives on technologies for the untethered enterprise.

Mobile Infrastructure

Research, analysis and insight to extract maximum value from your current market position while strengthening your strategic direction for the future.

Mobile Phones

A cross-market, deep-dive view into devices, technology, manufacturers, market size, forecasts and market shares.

Second-Hand Smartphones

Insights into the circular economy backed by exclusive global market data.

Telecom Operators

Looking at the strategies being implemented and services being offered by major telecom network operators.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Tracking new product development and application areas as well as user attitudes and adoption rates.


Emerging trends in wearable technology, covering products, manufacturers, market size and consumer intent.

Workplace Transformation

Strategies for enabling the new world of work.

Spotlight: Direct Satellite-to-Device Mobile Services

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