Developer Trends

Software market insight that speaks your language.

Software never stands still. For leaders in technology, the challenge is not just to deliver on immediate technical requirements, but also to satisfy the ongoing needs of the business. Every product and every project, from app builds to system upgrades, must be managed with agility, efficiency and vision.

With the Developer Trends service from CCS Insight, we offer a blend of research, analysis and expert consultancy that keeps you connected to the critical movements in software development, delivery and life cycle management.

We closely track the shifts that are shaping the sector’s evolution, charting everything from business moves through to back-end developments. We scan the vendor landscape, looking at the available technology and tools; we survey key stakeholders, accessing ground-level sentiment and opinion; and we look at the peripheral forces at play, evaluating the impacts and implications of macro-level change. This results in the delivery of high-value, intelligent analysis that’s rooted in real-world, practitioner-level expertise.

Developer Trends helps guide your delivery road map and ensure your decision-making is grounded, rounded and robust. It gives you an in-depth, independent perspective to aid vendor selection and architecture direction.

It gives you the actionable insight to move fast and sustain high-level productivity, deploying technology in a way that will enhance operational performance, build resilience and support strategic objectives.

To find out more about what the analysis delivers and the methodology behind the analysis, please download our service sheet below.

Developer Trends — Software market insight that speaks your language.

Download our Developer Trends service sheet to find out more about what our analysis delivers and the methodology behind the analysis.

Developer Trends service overview

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