Enterprise Mobile

Technologies for the untethered enterprise.

5G creates a new dynamic for enterprise connectivity. In combination with emerging technology capabilities such as AI, data analytics and edge computing, high-speed mobility offers a platform to drive digital transformation across all industry sectors.

The ramifications of such a transformation are significant. By exploiting the network performance capabilities of 5G, organisations can wirelessly access data-rich processes, enable new tools and operational mechanisms, and pursue strategies and business models that will enable them to advance in the digital economy.

But as the demands on the enterprise network become increasingly complex, there are challenges too, both technological and commercial. This means the role of the mobile operator as managed connectivity service provider to the enterprise is changing. Cloud service providers, IT suppliers and systems integrators also play a part in the service mix to enterprise customers. How do they collaborate with each other to service enterprise verticals? How do they nurture the enterprise application development community? What network deployment models and service payment models will win out?

At CCS Insight, we closely monitor the enterprise mobile value chain, bringing context and clarity to a world of complexity and competition. Our insights make sense of the intersection of IT, cloud and network communications, analyse market trends, highlight new use cases and business models, and the mobile technology solutions ecosystem for the digital enterprise of tomorrow.

To find out more about what the analysis delivers and the methodology behind the analysis, please download our service sheet below.

Enterprise Mobile — Technologies for the untethered enterprise.

Download our Enterprise Mobile service sheet to find out more about what our analysis delivers and the methodology behind the analysis.

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