Enterprise Transformation

Analysis of suppliers and trends, with a focus on enterprise mobility, productivity and collaboration, and improving the employee experience.

Comprehensive coverage of enterprise transformation technologies

Insight Reports

These reports provide deep objective analysis of technologies to support enterprise transformation. They examine developments in the digital workplace, including mobility, collaboration and productivity, employee applications and workplace IT markets, as well as significant trends and the results of CCS Insight’s enterprise surveys.


Survey: Workplace IT Decision-Makers

This annual survey covers workplace technology strategy decisions. It explores topics from an IT-purchasing perspective, including devices and end-user computing, security and management, collaboration and productivity, artificial intelligence, cloud and development, emerging technologies and workplace transformation.


User Survey: Employees and Technology at Work

This survey provides in-depth primary insights into technology used at work from the perspective of employees. It examines the themes of device preferences, application usage, productivity, privacy concerns and awareness of policies and IT decision-making in organizations.


Instant Insights

Our Instant Insight service lets clients stay abreast of developments in enterprise transformation. Focusing on news, company results and events, the service provides readers with a brief summary of the event and concise analysis from our global team of experts.


Event Reports

Throughout the year, CCS Insight analysts cover industry events that are significant to the development of the enterprise technology market, and produce reports that give a summary of the event and its implications for the industry.



Presentations allow clients to focus on areas of greatest interest to their plans, and to receive more-detailed analysis of trends and events. Presentations are specific to each client, and can be delivered on site or via the Web.


Enquiry Time

In addition to the standard publications and reports available as part of a research service, clients can ask our analysts specific questions about an industry topic. Enquiries may lead to custom projects, surveys and special reports.



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