User Survey: Smart Home

A detailed assessment of attitudes and expectations for connected home products

This is a survey of early adopters of new types of devices. This research is published once per year, and covers a range of markets in Europe, North America and elsewhere.

The survey is conducted among technology enthusiasts, which we define as owners of a minimum number of new types of devices including connected home products, smart speakers, smartwatches, virtual reality devices and others. The survey explores the adoption and usage for each new type of device, reasons for purchasing, abandonment rates and reasons for stopping use of a device, intention to replace, intention to purchase new types of device and many more questions that are of high interest to manufacturers, service providers, distributors, retailers and other companies aiming to find success in a new device market.

  • Annual research survey
  • Covers US and European markets
  • Device replacement rates
  • Privacy concerns
  • Future purchase intentions
  • Examines findings and implications
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