Telecom Operators

Comprehensive research into major telecom network operators, with analysis of their services, strategies and performance.

Comprehensive coverage of telecom operators

Market Landscape and Forecast: Telecom Operators

The Market Landscape and Forecast report provides a holistic review of hot topics in the UK telecom operator market and focuses on drivers of change. This qualitative analysis is complemented by a detailed five-year forecast of the UK market.


Quarterly Market Analysis: Telecom Operators

These quarterly reports consolidate information provided by European network operators into a consistent and easily understandable format. Published within 10 days of each quarter’s results being announced, they offer insights into complex telecom markets.


User Survey: Mobile Phone Buying

This annual survey uncovers consumer attitudes and approaches to buying a mobile phone. From initial research to final purchase, it looks at how and why people choose their next phone.


Instant Insights

Our Instant Insight service lets clients stay abreast of developments in telecom operator markets. Focusing on news, company results and planned events, the service provides readers with a brief summary of the event and concise analysis from our global team of experts.


Insight Reports

These reports provide objective and insightful analysis of the strategies of telecom network operators around the world. They examine trends, news and events to keep you up to date with best practices in the operator landscape.



Presentations allow clients to focus on areas of greatest interest to their plans, and to receive more-detailed analysis of trends and events. Presentations are specific to each client, and can be delivered on site or by the web.


Enquiry Time

In addition to the standard publications and reports available as part of a research service, clients can ask our analysts specific questions about an industry topic. Enquiries may lead to custom projects, surveys and special reports.


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