Virtual and Augmented Reality

Finding real opportunities in virtual worlds.

As technology becomes ever more closely intwined with our human experiences, we are now continually being forced to rethink the space that exists between mankind and machine. Nowhere is this more true than in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) — platforms that can instantly shift our perspective on the world around us or transport us into entirely new worlds altogether.

Over time, these exciting platforms have reached higher levels of performance and accessibility, bringing newer applications and more-immersive experiences to the fore. For the end user, that provides greater opportunities to push at the boundaries between the physical and the digital, whether we are toying with our own spatial awareness in dynamic audio-visual VR landscapes or layering the spatial elements around us with information and emotion via AR.

At CCS Insight, we provide a window into the key developments across this fast-moving, embryonic space. Our analysis sifts through the hyperbole to highlight market moves that will have real significance. We interrogate hardware releases, assessing their impact in terms of performance and price. We scan the horizon for markets where content-driven virtual experiences are gaining traction, looking at everything from gaming and entertainment to healthcare and education.

To find out more about what the analysis delivers and the methodology behind the analysis, please download our service sheet below.

Virtual and Augmented Reality — Finding real opportunities in virtual worlds.

Download our Virtual and Augmented Reality service sheet to find out more about what our analysis delivers and the methodology behind the analysis.

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