Market Forecast: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Move ahead with a five-year forecast of the VR and AR market

The forecast provides a global scenario-based five-year outlook for shipments of VR and AR devices. The forecast is split into three categories for VR (smartphone, tethered and standalone) and two categories of AR: glasses and mixed reality.  The categorization is reviewed at every update, to reflect the new knowledge of this nascent market.

The forecast provides insight on the installed base, shipments and sell-in value of each category. The forecast is delivered in Excel with supporting material that discusses the our categorisation, assumptions, the market developments that have led to any significant changes in our assumptions and the forecast, our key findings and conclusions, and major risks to the forecast.

On request, we can provide further elements of our model and assumptions.

The forecast is revised and published twice a year, although disruptive changes in the market might prompt unscheduled updates.

  • Five-year VR and AR forecasts
  • Splits by category
  • Split by form factor
  • Scenario-based
  • Updated twice a year
  • Worldwide forecast
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