Turning the lens on wearable tech.

After decades of invention and innovation, it has only been in recent years that wearable technology has truly exploded into the mainstream of consumer consciousness.

And with strong foundations laid down by loyal early adopters, clear momentum is now building in this nascent sector as hardware, software and network connectivity combine to create an ever-expanding range of new market opportunities. Today’s wearables fuse technology with desirability and style; smarter cellular-enabled devices are opening the door to more seamless communication; and truly intelligent trackers are acting as a bridge between our sensory, analogue experiences and a digital world written in data.

At CCS Insight, our Wearables service keeps you in the loop on this dynamic sector’s next big trends, whether that’s the launch of the next must-have smartwatch or fitness tracker, the emergence of a budding product sub-sector or an imminent play from a key supplier. We zero in on shipment volumes and values, monitoring every market move and clarifying the implications for your business through insightful commentary and expert analysis.

To find out more about what the analysis delivers and the methodology behind the analysis, please download our service sheet below.

Wearables — Turning the lens on wearable tech.

Download our Wearables service sheet to find out more about what our analysis delivers and the methodology behind the analysis.

Wearables service overview

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