Workplace Transformation

The new world of work.

Workplace technology is in the midst of a great wave of change. Businesses are increasingly reliant on technology to support day-to-day operations, to connect and enable their staff, and to create a fertile platform for business growth and innovation.

Employee expectations continue to rise, driven by consumer technology trends and by shifting workforce dynamics. And in the light of the pandemic, this rate of transformation has accelerated massively, as organisations continue to respond to the changing needs of employees with the introduction of hybrid work.

For suppliers focussed on the workplace technology opportunity in all its forms, it’s a complex area to succeed in. IT decision-makers in customer organisations are juggling many different demands on their budget and attention, and struggle to make sense of the various types of solution claiming to meet their needs.

Whether the technology is about collaboration and productivity, business applications and workflow automation, devices and enterprise mobility, or securing and managing workforce devices and applications, all these compete for the same IT budget, often with the same level of urgency and even with the same marketing messaging — enabling the modern workforce. How do you make your company and your offering heard above the noise?

To find out more about what the analysis delivers and the methodology behind the analysis, please download our service sheet below.

Workplace Transformation — The new world of work.

Download our Workplace Transformation service sheet to find out more about what our analysis delivers and the methodology behind the analysis.

Workplace Transformation service overview

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