Strategic clarity, tactical edge.

In theory, the number of ways we engage with our clients is unlimited. In reality, everything is based on two critical components: data and people.

Together, these complementary elements form the foundations on which all of our products and services are built, whether you’re looking to plug our stream of robust market information into your workflow or employ the expertise of our world-class tech analysts to optimise your business plans.

To simplify the engagement process, our client interactions are defined by one or more aspects of our four-dimensional service offering.

Research & advice

Data-rich feeds and actionable reports on your specified subject areas, wrapped in valuable insight and analysis.


Highly responsive tailor-made consulting services from world-class analysts to inform and augment your decision making.

Marketing services

Strategic support and tactical tools to evaluate, optimise and strengthen your market position.

Event support

Opportunities for gathering, sharing and learning, from our headline annual Predictions event to regular digital forums.

Spotlight: Direct Satellite-to-Device Mobile Services

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