Why CCS Insight

You know your strengths. Let’s find your opportunities.

With access to an almost infinite pool of market data, today’s tech leaders don’t just need information – they need rapid access to the high-value analysis that matters.

At CCS Insight, we cut to the core of what counts, helping our clients optimise their business for today while positioning them to take advantage of tomorrow.

Our data services drill deep into the real market forces at play, while our team of highly respected analysts offer wise counsel in a world of white noise.

It’s about bringing data-driven products and passionate people together, and focusing our efforts on turning insight into opportunity, turning knowledge into understanding, and turning targets into deliverables.

Insight-rich analysis

We constantly track fast-moving technology markets across the globe to deliver in-depth analysis on key developments and offer strategic projections on what they mean for your business.

Outstanding people

Our well-connected analysts are among the most influential voices on technology in the world. They form an integral part of a responsive, professional team that is dedicated to delivering for our clients.

Friction-free integration

We deliver information directly into your workflow, maximising its value to your business by ensuring it is both accessible and actionable.

Switched-on delivery

When markets move, we react. We publish timely news and analysis on all the important events in tech directly to clients, including quarterly financial reports on the market’s major players.

Tailor-made insight

For clients who need another level of insight, we provide custom analysis that’s tailored to your precise requirements and designed to optimise your position in the competitive landscape.

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