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Enriching the Connected Living Experience

New technologies lighting up digital life

New technologies are increasingly blurring boundaries between the real and the virtual, and have the potential to profoundly change the way we live. With high-performance network connections to the home, it’s possible to tap into the virtual world and offer experiences including high-quality video and enriched communications. To do this, operators need a technology platform that enables them to take advantage of digital assets and target specific demographics with new virtual experiences.

This webinar looks at how operators can exploit emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, algorithms and edge computing to create new opportunities and innovative applications. Topics include the delivery of enhanced, personalized communication services and richer content experiences in the connected home.

The session, moderated by CCS Insight’s Director of Network Infrastructure Richard Webb, will cover four themes:

  • ZTE Smart Home Solutions, led by Song Shijie, General Manager of Fixed and Multimedia Products and Vice President of ZTE

  • New Vision for Cloud-Edge Collaboration to Realize new Visual Experiences, led by Shan Changliang, Chief MMVS Product Planning Engineer of ZTE

  • ZTE Smart Displays, presented by Ye Meng, Senior Operation Director of China Mobile

  • Bringing Cultural Relics to Life, presented by Dr Wang Yonggang, Chief Technology Officer of DTXS Silk Road

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