Cloud Services to Help Media Owners Join the Mobile Party

Having just arrived in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, I can already feel the excitement.

The mobile industry remains a vibrant place to work; media and Web companies are all keen to join the party and make their content and services available to mobile users. As Shaun argues in his blog post, mobile operators could be doing a better job of working with these companies, but it’s a relatively small hurdle to future progress.

Embracing the wider landscape of connectivity will put media companies in good stead. This means they should be thinking about delivering content to all digital platforms — such as IPTV, the Web and connected TVs — as well as mobile. They need to make moves into these areas now and consider how to integrate their existing platforms and deliver to multiple screens.

I think this’ll be a major theme at Mobile World Congress this year, and it’ll go hand-in-hand with cloud-based architecture. Watch out for many companies trumpeting cloud services as a way to deliver digital content, with a particular focus on video. The best of these services will be great news for media owners.

The problem is, these new cloud services will need plenty of bandwidth, so there’ll be lots of talk about LTE and how to deliver media content over next-generation networks much more efficiently.

There’ll certainly be a lot to cover in Barcelona. We’ll be writing about media companies, cloud services, 4G networks and much more in our Mobile World Congress report, due out in the week following the event.