DevOps Evolution: Fit for Purpose in 2020 and Beyond?

Our podcast discusses software delivery in the next decade

As we enter the new year, we reflect on whether the underpinning processes used today for delivering software solutions and systems are fit for purpose in the next decade. The saying “the past is a window to the future” is certainly sage advice for anticipating problems. However, IT today is consumed differently from five years ago, and predicting consumption five years into the future means asking tough questions about strategies that may not be realized for several years.

Organizations operating in the digital economy must understand that to flourish in this new economy the skilful creation, release and use of software must be at the heart of their operations. However, speed and the pace of change in the digital economy continue to be daunting. Businesses do not want to miss out on revenue opportunities and process innovations enabled by new technologies.

A need to resolve problems quicker leads to a focus on agile development and DevOps. Indeed, agile and DevOps practices have become critical to doing business in the digital economy. But are they and the tooling chains that support them really delivering the right levels of productivity, enabling the art of the possible and producing a faster time to market?

In this podcast, Bola Rotibi, Research Director, Software Development at CCS Insight, talks to Dr Wing To, Vice President, DevOps and IP Partnerships, IBM Cloud. Joining the discussion is Clive Howard, CTO at Huozhi, a provider of a humanitarian fintech platform; he is also an associate analyst with CCS Insight.

All three industry experts bring in-depth knowledge and insights into the practice of DevOps and agile initiatives in the wider market. They know what is successful and where change is required. The podcast discussion looks at whether 2020 will be the start of a roaring decade for delivering the next generation of applications.

Additionally, listeners will gain insights into:

  • The ways that organizations recognized for operating more effectively in the digital economy are better prepared to deliver experiences and applications for their workforce, customers and partners.
  • The most significant change to advance software development and delivery in enterprises.
  • The evolution of DevOps in the face of digital transformation, new technology trends and application models, and whether it is adapting to meet the needs of organizations in the next decade.
  • Understanding the impact of trends such as APIs, Kubernetes and cloud-native development on DevOps and whether leadership teams are placing too much stress on existing delivery roles.
  • Whether current DevOps strategies and processes can meet all the needs of the diverse breadth of development and operational roles — from full-stack developers, infrastructure developers, mobile developers and front-end developers to network operators, site reliability engineers and security and compliance teams.
  • What the participants identify as their defining moment for DevOps in the 2020s.