Podcast: A More Secure Approach to Today’s Threat Landscape

In our annual survey of senior leaders, security continues to be the top priority for IT investment, with cyberattacks, passwords and network security crucial concerns. Phishing, malware and ransomware remain high-level concerns for senior leaders.

For CCS Insight’s latest podcast episode, I was joined by Andy Wen, Senior Director of Product Management at Google, and Aspi Havewala, Vice President of Infrastructure at Verizon to delve into Google Workspace’s approach to security.

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Our discussion unpacked the security threats faced by organizations today, investigating the tools available to empower borderless collaboration in the modern workplace environment.

The episode explores:

  • Google Workspace’s security credentials.
  • How to ensure successful implementation of digital transformation.
  • Employee experience as a fundamental aspect of integrating new technologies.
  • The impact of generative AI on security threats and solutions.