Podcast: Navigating the Path to Secure Apps

In recent months, various industries and organizations worldwide have been hit by numerous high-profile security breaches. These breaches have included unauthorized access, data leaks, ransomware attacks and other forms of cyberthreats targeting applications and their underlying infrastructure.

Respondents in our Senior Leadership IT Investment Survey, 2022 cited IT security as the top priority for the fourth consecutive year, outlining both the importance of security and the complexities facing many businesses. When looking at new product launches and updates, security is at the front and centre of the messaging as a core capability on offer from many software providers.

For this episode of the CCS Insight podcast, I was joined by VMware’s Darran Rice, Tanzu Executive Advisor, and Michael Coté, Senior Member of Technical Staff. Clive Howard, Chief Technology Officer at Huozhi, a provider of a humanitarian fintech platform, and associate analyst at CCS Insight, also joined the discussion.

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Our conversation explored the difficulties facing organizations looking to secure their IT workloads and how they can navigate the technical debt and older technologies. As businesses update these systems, new security vulnerabilities arise and require a further review of the profile.

The podcast episode unpacks:

  • The main security complexities faced by businesses across industries
  • The best strategies that are working for securing application delivery
  • The importance of people in an organization as a core, understated security risk.

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