Reality Check: Exclusive Insight into VR Opportunities

One of my favourite pieces of research I carry out for CCS Insight is the User Survey: Virtual Reality. It’s a fascinating window into the behaviour of people who’ve bought virtual reality (VR) headsets. We get to understand how they’re using their devices as well as the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of the technology. We find out what’s stopping non-owners from buying a headset and what problems companies in this space need to solve. The survey also offers a chance to ask about the big questions of tomorrow, like what people think about the metaverse.

This year’s survey has already been published to our clients; contact us to find out more. I’ll be running a free webinar on 24 August to reveal some of the most interesting findings — fill in the form below to register. In the meantime, here are some highlights to whet your appetite.

So what do people think about the metaverse? Does the idea of spending more time in virtual worlds jive with them? And what do they think it’s all about?

We found that awareness of the metaverse is extremely high, especially among VR owners, with social media being a central channel for hearing about the concept — perhaps this isn’t too surprising considering Meta’s role in pushing it. Respondents said they see it as a place for fun rather than productivity, with some of the proposed practical uses for the metaverse struggling to gain much traction.

Looking at devices, VR headset owners remain very positive about the technology. A theme that really shone through was just how much people love using VR. Whether it’s for gaming, getting fit or for socializing with friends, users told us they get a lot of enjoyment out of the experience.

This isn’t to say that the picture is perfect. Most owners still report discomfort or unease when using the technology, whether this is feeling dizzy, sick or even finding the headset itself uncomfortable. There are also improvements that we know people are keen to see; unsurprisingly, demand continues for devices that are more comfortable to use and have better battery life. But almost all VR owners said that they’d buy another headset in the future, which is fantastic news for a growing market.

Among non-VR owners, who we selected based on their high levels of interest in technology beyond VR, we found that the technology resonates strongly. Almost everyone in this group has encountered VR in some shape or form, and largely reported that they loved the technology when they tried it. However, there are still some barriers putting these people off buying their first headset, including price and worries about limited uses for VR. This shows that even though the technology has developed rapidly, it’s still not yet convincing everyone.

This is a fascinating look at some of the main dynamics facing the VR market and the metaverse right now. But these highlights are merely scratching the surface; if you’d like some deeper insight and exclusive data on any of these topics and more, sign up for the webinar taking place on 24 August. I’ll be talking through the survey results in more detail, and there’ll be plenty of time for questions at the end so you can quiz me about anything you think I’ve missed.

Hope to see you there!

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